Our Courses

Our Courses

Our courses will prepare you for the real world. They focus on giving you the training, knowledge and hands-on practical experience that will be of huge benefit for starting work or going to university. For an overview of the courses that we offer, please see our course areas.

To view a comprehensive list of the full-time courses that we offer please visit our course search.

To apply for a course starting this September (2016-2017), please complete our online application form before the end of July to guarantee an interview. After this date you can apply but will be asked to come to open enrolment at the end of August.

GCSE English and Maths + Functional Skills

Any learner aged 16-18, who achieved a D grade in English Language (and did not achieve C in English Literature) and anyone who achieved a D grade in Maths will be entered for GCSE in Maths and/or iGCSE in English and have 2 hours of study per week in each subject they need to take. This is a national Government requirement for all learners continuing in Post 16 education and will be a compulsory part of your programme of study at our college and every college and school sixth form across the UK.

Students who have achieved lower than GCSE grade D will study functional skills English and Maths at either Entry Level, Level 1 or Level 2.


Staying on at sixth form isn’t necessarily the right choice for everyone. School teaches you the academic skills that are essential for university entry, but focus less on the practical skills that you will need in the workplace. Employers appreciate vocational qualifications, such as BTEC Diplomas and National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) for this reason.


Although we focus on giving our students practical industry training, the academic element to learning is important and our courses still contain an essential percentage of theory work that is vital to the qualifications we offer. This is also, highly beneficial for progression on to university.

Business Links

The College places huge importance on links with business. Without these links, we could not offer some of the excellent opportunities available to our students. Not everyone is suitable for university and with the rising costs, we understand how impractical it can be for a lot of people. Our Further Education courses contain links to industry, or have incorporated industry into their courses.


Apprenticeships offer young people the chance to leave school at 16 and go straight in to work. This enables them to earn while they learn, while adhering to the new Government legislations to stay in education until the age of 18, which is also known as ‘Raising the Participation Age’ (RPA).

We have been offering work-based training and qualifications, for more than twenty years. Our reputation for quality training is helped by the business contacts that we have with many local companies, who work closely with us to provide the support and opportunities in producing an efficient, confident workforce.

Higher Education

We are a partner college with the University of Greenwich, which enables us to provide Higher Education programmes from our Dartford campus. As a partner college we are able to provide high quality recognised qualifications for a fraction of the cost of university. As a Higher Education student you have access to the purpose-built Higher Education Block and resources at the College, plus you also have access to the library resources and Students’ Union (SUUG) at the University of Greenwich. We also offer access courses.

Short Courses

We offer a wide range of short courses to meet the needs of businesses and individuals ranging from professional cake decoration for confectioners through to Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) Safety, for those working in the construction industry.