If You're Aged 19+

Financial support available to students aged 19+ (as at 31 August 2016) 

19+ Bursary Fund

Financial support is available to students who:

  • are on a full-time course which is either being funded by the government or via an Advanced Learner Loan (Level 3 course only) and
  • have a household income of below £23,000 (for the previous tax year) after housing benefit or annual rent or mortgage payments has been deducted. 

Students who are not eligible for government funding for their course (with the exception of those taking out an Advanced Learner Loan to fund their Level 3 course) are not eligible to apply to the Bursary fund.

Bursaries are tailored to the individual student and the bursary award will depend upon your course of study and where you live.

Help is usually given in the form of payment of the actual costs involved in coming to College and may include the following:

Registration Fees

You will have no registration fee to pay if your course is government funded, for example where you are taking your first level 2 or your first level 3 qualification. If you are funding a Level 3 course via an Advanced Learner Loan you will have a registration fee to pay at enrolment as the Advanced Learner Loan will only fund your tuition fees. Students who apply and are eligible for a bursary will have this fee paid for them out of bursary funds.

Materials Fees

On some courses students are required to pay a course materials fee at enrolment. Students who apply and are eligible for a bursary will have this fee paid for them out of bursary funds.

Essential Trips/Study Visits

An award will be made for any trips or study visits which are deemed an essential part of your course. Awards for trips are normally paid directly to the department except where students are required to travel independently e.g. to London visits, in which case a payment is made into their bank account to cover trip costs.

Travel to and from College

Students travelling more than 1.5 miles from home to College or (Dartford campus students only) from home to Dartford station (where they can pick up a free shuttle bus to Dartford campus) are eligible for travel support. Depending on where you live and how you are travelling to College, this may be either:

  • Termly payments for the purchase of Arriva Thameside or South Eastern bus passes
  • Monthly payments to enable students to top–up their 18+ Student Oyster Card (for students Oyster Card Top Up (for students travelling from a London Borough)
  • For students who drive into College, a mileage allowance of 20 pence per mile up to a maximum amount of £450 for the year paid in monthly instalments.
  • For students travelling by train (where bus travel is not feasible) a contribution to train fare up to a maximum of £5 per day, paid in monthly instalments.

Essential books, kit, and equipment

An award may also be made for any essential books and any kit or equipment that may be required for the specific course you are on. Some awards will be paid directly to the department who will purchase this on your behalf. Alternatively a payment may be made directly to your bank account so that you are able to purchase the items yourself. You will receive an individualized award letter which will give you full details of your award and how and when the payments will be made.

Childcare support

Students who are aged 20 or over as at 31 August may be awarded assistance with child care costs for the time they are at College (for term-time only). Your child care provider must be Ofsted registered with an Ofsted rating of grade 3 or above. Child-care support can usually be provided for one pre-school child only (depending on costs) and after-school child-care may be funded for school-age children. Payment for child care will be made directly to your child care provider and both the student and the child care provider will be required to sign a child care agreement with the College.

Students aged under 20 at the start of their course can apply for childcare support from the Government’s Care to Learn scheme. For further information and to apply online visit https://www.gov.uk/care-to-learn

The College has an onsite nursery, Bright Beginnings (at both Dartford and Gravesend Campuses) which accepts the children of students with either 19+ bursary funding or Care to Learn funding. For further details click here

How to apply for a Bursary

To apply for a 19+ Bursary, please complete the Student Financial Support application form available from the College reception or download a copy here.

Along with the completed form, you will need to supply full evidence of your household income for the 2015/2016 financial year. If you are aged 19 or 20 living with your parents you must provide details of your own income plus that of any parent(s)/guardian(s) you live with, If you are aged 19 or 20 and living independently, or if you are aged 21 or over you must provide details of your own income, plus that of any partner you live with. The following documentation is required as applicable:

  • Income from employment:              P60 or last 3 pay slips

  • Income from self–employment:       Accounts showing gross profit

  • Income from any state benefits:      Your benefits award notice(s)

  • Working Tax/Child Tax Credits :       Tax Credit Award Notice 2015/16 (all pages)

Please send in photocopies of the relevant documentation and not the originals.

Your application cannot be processed without the required evidence of income. If the financial circumstances of your household have recently changed (for example as a result of redundancy or a reduction in work hours) please provide a letter explaining your change in circumstances and we will take this into account.

Please apply by 1 August 2016 so that we are able to process your application before enrolment. If you are awarded a bursary you will not then be required to pay any materials or trips fees relevant to your course at enrolment.

Applications received after 1st August will be accepted, however we are unable to guarantee that you will receive your award letter before enrolment and you may therefore be required to pay any applicable fees at enrolment. These may be refunded at a later date (end of November) if you are subsequently awarded. The bursary fund is limited however and awards are made on a first come, first-served basis. We therefore recommend that you apply as soon as possible.


Once you have applied for a bursary, if you receive notification that an award cannot be made, an appeal must be made in writing to the Student Services Manager who will review your application and make a decision. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your appeal you should follow the College’s complaints procedure.

Download the Student Financial Support application form here.

Download information about financial support here

If you require any further help please contact Student Services:

Email: studentservices@northkent.ac.uk

Telephone:  01322 629400 and ask to speak to Student Services at the campus you will be attending. (Dartford or Gravesend)

Alternatively you can call into College to see us. (We are open during the College holidays).