Why did you choose North Kent College?

It was the closest, most convenient, easy to get to, friendliest and best supporting College around. Great fun and great facilities.

What would you say were the best three things about studying at North Kent College?

The tutors, the friendly atmosphere and the great support system.

How has North Kent College helped your career?

My NVQ level 2 has indeed pushed me further and allowed me to do a construction site safety qualification. I also studied project management and am now one of my companies senior managers after 10 years with them. Without my NVQ level 2 I would not have been able to progress on to my other qualifications - plus it looks great on your CV.

What’s next for you?

Bigger and better things hopefully. Further employment, more experience and a competitive salary. Being an engineer we learn something new every day, no day is the same and life is very exciting.

Where do you now work?

NBC Air Conditioning Ltd, based in Gravesend. I have been with them since 2007. I have many titles as I take on many roles - Sales/Engineer/Senior Management/Assistant Manager.

What has been your route getting to your current position?

I started small, just a few days a week. Then, I shadowed engineers in every sector and every aspect of the job and created my own space within the company. I now have my own department and this is all to do with emergency response. No day is ever the same and most days are very interesting.

Would you recommend studying at the college and why?

YES! It's a great College. It's super friendly, organised and a great place to study. Everyone is great!

Describe your whole college experience and how it has enabled you to progress.

My tutors welcomed me and supported me immensely. I always felt a part of the team and that we were all equal. It was the best 2 years of learning I have ever experienced. Plus, every last day of College, each team would all get together and celebrate, it was amazing. I urge all boys/men and especially girls/women to take up a course. The course is challenging and demanding but ultimately rewarding. Be brave and jump in!