Why did you choose North Kent College?

I saw the equipment and knew it was the perfect place for me to study what I loved doing, producing videos.

What would you say were the best three things about studying at North Kent College?

The friends I made, that I've kept in contact with even after leaving college.
The bond you get with the tutors, it's special-unlike school.
It taught me what I needed to get where I am.

If you studied for career purposes, how has North Kent College helped your career?

It confirmed for me that this was the career path I wanted to take. I was unsure of which course to choose when joining North Kent College, but it was the right choice and I'm glad I did.

What's next for you?

Expand my company. I've recently become a drone pilot for video productions, and aim to keep making videos for bigger companies. The biggest company I've produced a video for is Bellway Homes. I've also produced a video for RE/MAX, the worlds biggest estate agency company.

Where do you now work?

I own a video production company called "Taking the Pixels".

What has been your route getting to your current position?

As soon as I left college I carried on with this company and it grew from there, once people saw my skills. I started with logo animations and then expanded to video production services and now aerial footage.

Would you recommend studying at the College and why?

Yes. It's a great environment with friendly staff, nice people and everything required to learn.

Describe your whole college experience and how it has enabled you to progress.

I've made good friends that will stay with me throughout my life time. That's the support you need in life, good friends. I miss my tutors, they made me want to get out of bed every morning for college.
I'm a finalist for Bexley Business Excellence Awards 2017, as "Young Entreprenaur" and "Best Business under 2 years old". I have given speeches for young entreprenaurs as a guest speaker, and have other speeches planned throughout the year. People tell me I'm inspirational for someone so young.
One of my proudest moments was producing a video for free for a local charity, to help them raise funds for a new bus (which they are still trying to raise). Video link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT1NXnU-xik