Why did you choose North Kent College?

I wanted to to study one discreet subject, I didn't believe that A Levels would allow me to do this.  Although I was unsure about my potential career path at this stage I was interested in sport and leisure and law so decided that these courses would provide me with an interesting look at both areas.  

What would you say were the best three things about studying at North Kent College?

Location, I lived in Bexleyheath so studying at Dartford and the Gravesend campus were ideal.
I had a fantastic time, I gained qualifications in subjects that I enjoyed in great facilities.
Timetables were flexible and allowed me to work alongside being a student, developed my time management. 

If you studied for career purposes, how has North Kent College helped your career?

I would not have been able to undertake my Undergarduate degree without the qualifications I gained at North Kent College.  More importantly the experiences gained from being a student at the college has provided with a clear perspective of the choices that college students are faced with and the support they require.

What’s next for you?

I have worked at North Kent College since 2002, that makes up 15 years of employment and three years as a student.  I think it is safe to say that I will be here for as long as the college need me!

Where do you now work?

I am the Curriculum Manager Sport at North Kent College

What has been your route getting to your current position?

I completed my degree at the University of Birmingham in Leisure management and began working as a sessional member of staff at the college, from here I became a full-time lecturer, professional mentor, subject learning coach, curriculum supervisor and then curriculum manager in 2012.

Would you recommend studying at the college and why? 

Yes I would, its fun, inspirational and supportive I am where I am today because of NKC.

Any other anecdotes/information you would like to share?

The beauty of my job is that 12 of my work colleagues were people that I taught! although that makes me feel old it provides a tremendous amount of satisfaction.  I have also acted as a vicar for the wedding of one of my ex students!

Describe your whole college experience and how it has enabled you to progress.

NKC allowed me to grow from a school leaver in to a young adult empowered to make my own decisions.  I am truly thankful to those people who invested the time in my development.