Why did you choose North Kent College?

Because the campus was easy to access from my home, and the fees were very reasonable. The college offered a course that covered a variety of  subject that were of interest, plus make up although very limited at the time was offered which was my greatest interest.

What would you say were the best three things about studying at North Kent College?

Small groups, Flexibility, materials and equipment.

If you studied for career purposes, how has North Kent College helped your career?

Yes, I feel it gave me a great introduction into the beauty world, customer service and care.

What’s next for you?

I am continuing with my progression within my current employer and have recently been offered a promotion. I will also continue to build my social media platforms and contacts. I really love educating people and students especially in make up and beauty so I will be focusing a lot on this area over the next year.

Where do you now work?

I currently work as a senior make up artist for Urban Decay in central London.

What has been your route getting to your current position?

I have built up my experience and skills by working for various beauty brands over the past 13 years.I regularly network and watch social media to be in touch with the fast paced movement within the industry and keep up to date with trends and product launches.

Would you recommend studying at the college and why?

Yes, the  hours are flexible, the campus is accessible and there is a good mixture of courses available.

Describe your whole college experience and how it has enabled you to progress

I think it really prepared me for employment, I actually managed to secure a part time beauty job whilst studying which I would never of applied for if I hadn't been encouraged/inspired by my teachers. I was given access to great products and equipment and learnt hygiene, health & safety skills.