General information

Applications, Enrolment & Induction 

Please see our How to Apply page for details on the application to induction process.

There is usually a two week turn-around for applications (which can vary during busy times) which will be assessed on your relevant qualifications and/or experience.

After your application has been assessed you'll be invited to an interview, you'll receive an acceptance letter and then be invited to enrol in August. For help or information with your application form or enrolment, please call the College Helpline on 01322 629400.

Induction takes place for during the first week of the autumn term, or for day-release and evening courses, on the first scheduled meeting.

The purpose of induction is to complete any paper-work from enrolment, confirm timetables and course information, identify any extra support needs and to relay important college information. Arrangements will be made for students who start later in the year.


Full-time Further Education students under the age of 19 do not pay a tuition fee, but may have to contribute to course costs, which could be for kit, equipment or materials. Students over the age of 19 may have to pay a tuition fee, however, this will depend on the course level and financial circumstances.

Higher Education students have to pay all tuition fees at enrolment, but are able to apply for a Student Loan and Grant from the Student Loans Company.


Some courses will require equipment, kit or textbooks, which will be an additional cost. However, the College does offer funding to students who cannot afford this. Please speak to the relevant curriculum area or contact Student Services to discuss further.

Exam Fees

The College pays for all registration and examination fees for all full-time students under the age of 19, which is subject to satisfactory attendance and progress. Students who are aged 19 and over will have to pay registration and examination fees, depending on their course.

Smoke-Free College

Although we respect the rights of smokers, we also respect the health and choice of non-smokers. For this reason we have made the College smoke-free. There are designated smoking areas on both campuses for students, staff and visitors to use. Please respect our policy and our non-smokers by smoking within the designated areas.

Equal Opportunities

North Kent College is committed to the active pursuit of equal opportunities, which is based on the needs and rights of everyone in the College to be treated with respect and dignity.

The College aims to ensure that no prospective, existing student or member of staff receives less favourable treatment on any grounds, including; age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origins, creed, disability, HIV status, sexual orientation, sex, marital or parental status, political belief or social or economic class.

We continue to encourage the inclusion of students with learning difficulties and disabilities.