Meeting minutes

Please note that minutes from meetings held before 14th September 2015 will be for the College's previous name of North West Kent College

Terms of Reference as of July 2013

Corporation Agenda and Minutes


2017.07.06 - Corporation agenda
2017.05.18 - Corporation agenda
2017.03.23 - Corporation agenda
2017.02.09 - Corporation agenda
2017.01.05 - Corporation minutes
2017.01.05 - Corporation agenda
2016.10.20 - Corporation minutes
2016.10.20 - Corporation agenda


2016.03.17 - Corporation minutes
2016.20.11 - Corporation minutes
2015.12.03 - Corporation minutes
2015.11.05 - Corporation minutes
2015.10.01 - Corporation minutes


2015.07.01 - Corporation minutes
2015.04.01 - Corporation minutes
2015.02.11 - Corporation minutes
2014.12.10 - Corporation minutes
2014-10-15 - Corporation Strategy minutes


2014-07-02 - Corporation minutes
2014-05-02 - Corporation Strategy minutes
2014-04-02 - Corporation minutes
2014-02-12 - Corporation Strategy minutes
2013-12-11 - Corporation minutes
2013-10-23 - Corporation Strategy minutes

AoC English Code of Governance

(adopted by the Board Dec 2012)

The English Colleges Foundation Code of Governance

Instruments and Articles of Government

Instrument and Articles
Instrument Articles of Government

Public Access to Meetings

(Abstract from Standing Orders, January 2011)

1. Members of the public may be admitted to meetings of the Corporation for Part A items only. However, limitations of space dictate that the Corporation may, at its discretion, restrict the numbers of the public to be admitted. It also reserves the right to require non-members to leave a meeting, should their conduct be decreed by a majority of members, to be disruptive or inappropriate.

2. No member(s) of the public, Staff or Student Members will be entitled to attend any meetings of Standing Committees of the Corporation, unless they are Members of that Committee, or are invited specifically to do so by the Standing Committee concerned.

NOTE: ‘Members of the Public’ shall be defined as anyone who is NOT a Member of the Corporation or the Clerk to the Corporation.