Ofsted Results

Ofsted Grade 2 - Good

Our latest Ofsted results from our inspections in November 2017 are here and available for you to download from the Ofsted website.

Below is a summary of some of the key points from the report:

Overall effectiveness - Good

  • A high proportion of students successfully complete their qualifications. 
  • Students have a good work ethic and acquire skills that enable a high proportion to gain employment or move on to higher levels of study. 
  • The students produce work of a high standard. 
  • Teachers plan lessons that are varied and interesting and students make good progress. 
  • Students benefit from effective pastoral and academic guidance.
  • Students who need extra help to achieve their qualifications receive good support.
  • Teachers make excellent use of the high-quality facilities and resources to enliven lessons.
  • Leaders and managers have a strong focus on raising standards of teaching, learning and assessment and this, coupled with prudent financial management and continual updating of the college estate, has improved students’ experiences at both campuses.  

Outcome for learners – Good

  • Success rates are high.
  • Teachers expect students to perform to a high standard and, as a result, students’ work often exceeds the requirements of their programmes.
  • The College is welcoming and inclusive and students’ conduct is good.
  • Students enjoy their studies and work in an atmosphere of mutual respect. 
  • Students make better than expected progress. 
  • Students participate in skills competitions, which motivate them to excel.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment – Good

  • Managers have prioritised raising standards of teaching and learning and good strategic planning.
  • Lessons hold students’ attention and help the students learn more.
  • Students are motivated and encouraged by the high expectations of teachers.
  • Students produce work of an extremely high standard and develop the skills and work ethic necessary to progress to professional training and employment. 
  • Teachers plan very effectively and this results in well-structured lessons.
  • The widespread use of learning support assistants ensures that students’ progress well.
  • Students are highly motivated to succeed and all benefit from good pastoral and academic support. 
  • Teachers make excellent use of the high-quality facilities and resources. 
  • High quality ongoing advice and support from teachers and well-trained careers advisers, coupled with good links with local employers, the National Careers Service and Jobcentre Plus help prepare students for progression on to higher-level courses or employment. 
  • Staff have created an inclusive culture with strong mutual respect. 
  • Teachers ensure that students are well prepared for employment. 

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management – Good

  • Actions to improve overall success rates have been effective.
  • Governors provide the college with a broad range of relevant experience and expertise.
  • Senior managers carefully monitor progress made by course teams towards achieving a series of challenging targets.
  • A clear strategy to improve teaching and learning is having a positive impact. 
  • Managers make effective and systematic use of the views of students to improve provision
  • Curriculum planning is good. 
  • The college meets the needs of local businesses well.
  • Students feel safe. Managers have enhanced site security at Dartford very effectively in the last year in response to students’ requests. 
  • Leaders and managers pay close attention to ensuring that students are aware of issues in relation to online safety.