Tim Hannaford

Level 1 Carpentry

Tim Hannaford

Why did you choose NKC? 

NKC had the course I was after and the location is close to where I live so travelling is easy. The course was recommended by a friend who had completed Level 1 and 2 Carpentry and an apprenticeship. 

What do you enjoy most about your course? 

The aspects of the course I enjoy most are that I have learnt a lot and have made good friends. It has opened opportunities for me in the construction industry as the college has good links with employers. 

What are your tutors like? 

The tutors are helpful and friendly. The environment is relaxed which makes you feel comfortable and helps you learn. My tutors help me to improve the quality of my work through constructive feedback. 

What experiences have you gained at NKC? 

I have been offered an apprenticeship, which is an opportunity that the college has helped me achieve through a trial day. I am really looking forward to it so that I can earn at the same time as learning. 

What would you like to do in the future? 

In the future I would like to gain more experience so that I am able to run my own company. I would like to give other young people the same opportunity that I have been given. 

Would you recommend the college? 

Yes, the college offers opportunities to progress and their standard of teaching and achievement is very high. The college offers practical learning with hands on experience in great facilities. 

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