Learner Voice

What is Learner Voice

Learner voice is about considering the perspectives and ideas of learners, respecting what everyone has to say, taking risks, sharing, listening, engaging and working together in partnership.

Learner Voice at NKC!

The Learner Voice at North Kent College has changed! This new aspect of the learner voice replaced the current Class Rep meetings. The changes were made to improve the quality of information collected from the learners; it has democratic hierarchical system based on governmental principles, by electing learner representatives and feeding through information to different levels to be addressed by different levels of staff in accordance with the college structure.

The system allows the students to express their opinion in a more controlled way with the smaller course level concerns or suggestions being dealt with at course level and this is replicated at each level of the organisation with the more strategic level suggestions and opinions being dealt with at the Senior Leadership Team and the Governors.

This allows the Governors to have access to the student body in a controlled environment where the students will be prepared and the Senior Leadership Team and Governors will be able to respond and action plan based on the meetings.