Student Counselling 

The counselling service is available for anyone who feels that something in their personal life or at college is having an impact on their quality of life or education. College comes with more independence and therefore more responsibility and we know that sometimes life in general can be difficult. A professional confidential counselling service is available to all students. Providing 1-1 counselling support to students who feel they have something in their personal life or at college which is having an impact on their quality of life or education. 

What is counselling?

The opportunity to talk about the difficulties you are facing in a safe place, where you can explore freely and openly in a way that is not always possible with friends and family. The counsellor is not there to judge or advise you, but to help you clarify your thoughts and feelings and become more effective at finding your own solutions and coping mechanisms.

Counselling may help you with

• Personal development issues
• Addressing and resolving particular difficulties
• Making decisions
• Coping with crises
• Improving relationships with others

Some of the common issues students come to discuss with the college counsellors are:
• Anger
• Self-harm
• Bereavement
• Adapting to college life
• Depression
• Eating disorders
• Parental separation
• Family difficulties
• Self-image
• Anxiety
• Suicidal thoughts

However, you can talk to the college counsellors about any difficulties or worries that you have.


What you discuss in the counselling sessions with your counsellor is confidential, which includes from your parents and tutors. However, there are limits to confidentiality and these will be explained to you fully at the first appointment.

The 1st appointment

• An opportunity to ask questions about what is offered
• Discuss what has bought you to counselling
• What you hope to gain

What happens next?

Once your application for counselling has been received you will be notified by your chosen choice of communication with an available appointment.

Book an appointment

You will be able to book an appointment by clicking this link here


It's OK not to be OK at Christmas! If you needing to talk to someone about a personal issue or you are finding it difficult cope and need support, then please text ‘Shout’ to 85258.