Hire the freshest new talent through North Kent College

Launching Careers, Building Futures

North Kent College has an enviable reputation as being the top 11th college nationally, with an 87% student achievement rate and having invested over £90 million in facilities and commercial-standard resources.

Our recent Ofsted inspection (November 2017) rated us Grade 2 'Good' once again and with nearly 5,000 students and apprentices learning their skills and training with us, the College offers one of the best talent pools in Kent and South East London. 

Employers working with North Kent College take advantage of these talents in a number of flexible ways, from offering relevant industry placements, apprenticeships or graduate employment, to short-term work experience projects. 

We'd like to show you how you can make the most of our students' skills and grow your business in partnership with the College: We're aiming to make our students the most employable in the country. 

Based on the level of skills, training and expertise gained during our student's time at college, the opportunities for local employers to benefit are wide: 

  1. Employ an apprentice
  2. Offer industry placements
  3. Offer short-term work experience
  4. Employ a graduate
  5. Give your professional guidance

Hiring the freshest new talent through North Kent College can benefit your organisation by:

  • Filling your skills gaps, including specialist skills
  • Helping your succession planning
  • Reducing recruitment costs
  • Reducing training costs
  • Moulding staff to the skills specific to your industry
  • Making your business more competitive
  • Improving productivity
  • Motivating staff and reducing staff turnover
  • Providing a significant return on investment
NKC students are great quality, they are part-trained in the industry for which they have a passion to join. Our Level 3 students are high quality young people, part qualified and highly employable.

You can interview, select, hand pick and mould them to your business needs. 

Apprentice swap

Need that extra pair of hands while your apprentice is at College? Then take on an NKC student for industry placement while your apprentice is on day release. 

NKC Alumni

As a past student, you know how well trained NKC students are. Do you have any vacancies at your current workplace where you could help a fellow NKC student onto their chosen career path?

Contact us

If you can assist with helping our students become career-ready, please contact us to discuss business@northkent.ac.uk or call 01322 629400