First aid and medical care short courses

looking to a job or career at sea, whether close to land or further afield, you are likely to need to achieve a number of basic maritime safety qualifications required by international conventions known as STCW and national (Flag State) laws.  You will be able to undertake these at the National Maritime Training Centre here at North Kent College at our Gravesend Campus – below you can see information on the First Aid and Medical Care courses we offer. If you work on land you can benefit from expert first aid training that satisfies HSE requirements for work place first aiders.

Our superbly equipped training facility will provide you an excellent opportunity to learn the knowledge and to practise techniques that through scenario based training will develop into skills that could save the lives of shipmates, work colleagues or your own friends and loved ones.

You will benefit from being taught by experienced expert staff members who are audited under established quality control procedures by Ofsted (UK Government) and the Maritime and Coastal Agency.

You like other mariners will require certificated training courses that are recognised internationally. 

You will experience realistic practical training as well as quality delivery of the theoretical elements of the courses. 

Our Courses

STCW Elementary First Aid
1 Day - £125.00 Per Person

STWC Medical First Aid

4 Days - £350.00 Per Person

STCW Medical Care On Board Ship
5 Days - £600.00 Per Person

STCW Medical Care Refresher
3 Days - £360.00 Per Person

Emergency First Aid at Work

1 Day - £75.00 Per Person

First Aid at Work
3 Days - £250.00 Per Person

First Aid at Work Refresher
2 Days - £150.00 Per Person

Bespoke courses – if you are looking for training specific to your requirements such as paediatric first aid, defibrillator training, oxygen therapy training or add-ons such as may be relevant to enclosed space rescue please contact us as we have experience of delivering bespoke first aid courses for shore based industry and the maritime industry over many years.

Defibrillator and Oxygen Therapy Training
1 Day - £75.00 Per Person

Paediatric First Aid
2 Days - £150.00 Per Person

The Combination Course is a suite of STCW basic safety courses which many crew members will be required to complete for their future roles on commercial vessels especially passenger and cruise vessels as well as for working on Super Yachts.  If you are looking for anti-piracy security work then this course is a requirement for you.  The course comprises Personal Survival Techniques (Day 1); Elementary First Aid (Day 2); Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (Day 3 AM); Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (Day 3 PM - Day 5).  Crowd Control & Crowd Management can be included as an optional extra if required.

STCW Combination Basic Safety Course
5 Days - £750.00 Per Person