Recruitment services

Retail Jobs in Bluewater

The Learning Shop has recruited over 32,000 Bluewater members of staff since opening in 1999. We broker approximately 3,200 advertised positions per year, receiving in excess of 121,000 applications. Our recruitment service is already used by 95% of Bluewater employers.


If you are an employer at Bluewater advertise your job vacancy online NOW

Utilise our online advertising service which is viewed by 15,000 people a month, at no cost to your company.

Bespoke recruitment service

We can tailor our service to meet your needs, screen applications for you and liaise with applicants. You may also interview candidates at The Learning Shop free of charge whilst working with us.

Recruitment advisory services

Highly experienced advisers are available to discuss your needs and the best way forward for your recruitment.

Work Trials

At no cost to your company, try out an eligible potential applicant in the workplace for up to three weeks, before deciding whether to employ them permanently.

Voluntary Work Experience

Enable an eligible young person to gain experience and improve their employability by working up to 30 hours per week for you, at no cost to your company.


We can provide advice and assistance to employers, and employees at risk of redundancy, on benefits and job searching.

For further information on the recruitment services provided, please contact Nicola at The Learning Shop, on 01322 624478, or by email