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Employability Skills for Retail Kent

This is a 12 week or can be offered as a bespoke programme which gives delegates weekly support on a one to one basis. Run by Industry professionals with a solid retail background this is an ideal course for anyone who wants to develop a career in the retail industry. Delegates will gain additional support in the following areas:

Week 1: CV Writing

The Learning Shop has consulted with local employers from Bluewater, Gravesend and London, to ensure that the advice and guidance we give you when composing your C.V is professional, realistic and most importantly more likely to get you the job you are looking for.

Our CV workshops offer guidance on CV writing techniques. Our staff have a broad range of experience in recruiting and are able to give you a fair and reasonable insight on your CV from an employers’ point of view. We will work with you to either create a CV or alter your current CV that makes you stand out and gives you a competitive edge.

Week 2: Cover Letter

Using key information from the tailored CV this workshop will highlight specific sections of the CV which are relevant to the job being applied for. We can create multiple cover letters depending upon the employment areas of interest and ask a series of questions which will help to form the basis of your cover letter showing your strengths and personality.

Week 3: Interview Techniques

This course is written in consultation with companies in the retail industry and delivered by sector professionals, giving you honest and accurate advice. You will learn techniques to control interview nerves, key preparation techniques to help to perform to your strengths and the importance of creating a good first impression. You will be able to ask and answer convincing interview questions and prepare yourself for different styles of interview including one to one and group interviews. We also focus on how by going the extra mile you can really shine throughout the interview process.

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