Ammonia Awareness

Course Overview

This is a 1 day introductory course into the use of Ammonia as a refrigerant.

This course is designed for company personnel who are not expected to directly handle Ammonia but may need an overview as to its characteristics, dangers, environmental advantages and site safety requirements. Site personnel who could benefit from this course include:

Site Management - Site Safety persons - Site emergency response teams - Production Supervisors and their personnel. 

Course Content

Basic Principles

  • Heat Transfer
  • The Simple Refrigeration Circuit
Properties of Ammonia
  • Advantages
  • Hazards
History of Ammonia as a refrigerant
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Refrigeration and food preservation
  • Refrigerants and the Environmen
  • Safety Requirements for Ammonia Systems
  • Plant room safety
  • Fire precautions
  • First Aid
  • Operating limits

Additional Information

NOTE: Persons who will be required to directly handle Ammonia during service or maintenance of refrigeration systems will need a current certificate in Safe Handling of Ammonia. See our training programmes “Safe Handling of Ammonia” or “Ammonia Practice”

Course Tutor

Eric Thompson

Cancellation Policy

CANCELLATIONS The Hall Training Centre reserves the right to cancel a course in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Whilst this necessity is regretted we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible, and in all cases the student will have the option of transferring to another course at a later date. CANCELLATION FEES Cancellations made by students or their sponsors, must be received by letter, fax or E-mail and will be charged as appropriate at the following rates:- Within 10 working days of the start date: 25% of the course fee Within 2 working days of the start date: 50% of the course fee On the start date, or non-attendance: 100% of the course fee Cancellation fees will be credited against an invoice if the student completes the course at a later date within the same financial year. Private students will, if applicable, be refunded in accordance with the above policy.

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