2079 F-Gas Refrigeration Knowledge Part 1 (Unit 101)

Course Overview

City and Guilds 2079 F-Gas Regulations (Category I)

All engineers required to handle HFC refrigerants must now hold this new European F-Gas qualification

This 4½ day course is designed for a group of engineers who may be new to the refrigeration industry with little or no knowledge in refrigeration principles and practices but may ultimately be called upon to attempt service or repair of equipment in the event of breakdown. EU legislation now makes it necessary that all refrigeration/air-conditioning service or repair work is only performed by “certified persons”. This training programme covers all aspects of the under-pinning knowledge required for the candidate to attempt assessment to City & Guilds 2079 Unit 101 Knowledge in F Gas and ODS Regulations.

Course Content

  • Standard units of measurement used in refrigeration.
  • Basic theory of vapour compression cycle, key terms, use of pH diagram.
  • Function / processes of the four main components.
  • State/condition of refrigerant around the circuit.
  • Determine reasonable operating conditions (sat. conditions) for condensers/evaporators in various applications.
  • Features of zeotropic blends.
  • Importance of monitoring system performance for indications of operational efficiency and possible leakage.
  • Ozone Depletion and the Montreal Protocol.
  • HCFC refrigerants. Their ODP. Effects of chlorine on ozone depletion.
  • Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Direct and Indirect Global Warming of common HFC & HC refrigerants.
  • Basic requirements of EC 842/2006 and other relevant regulations.
  • Information requirements of record books.
  • Operational function of various components and risks of refrigerant leakage associated with them.
  • Requirements for handling, storing, transportation and disposal of contaminated refrigerant and oil.
  • Hazards to personnel associated with refrigerant release.
  • Hazards associated with brazing.
  • Hazards associated with pressure testing.

Additional Information

Successful completion will involve the candidate passing an on-line knowledge assessment direct to City & Guilds with instant feedback of result.

Course Tutor

Steve Martin/Eric Thompson

Cancellation Policy

CANCELLATIONS The Hall Training Centre reserves the right to cancel a course in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Whilst this necessity is regretted we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible, and in all cases the student will have the option of transferring to another course at a later date. CANCELLATION FEES Cancellations made by students or their sponsors, must be received by letter, fax or E-mail and will be charged as appropriate at the following rates:- Within 10 working days of the start date: 25% of the course fee Within 2 working days of the start date: 50% of the course fee On the start date, or non-attendance: 100% of the course fee Cancellation fees will be credited against an invoice if the student completes the course at a later date within the same financial year. Private students will, if applicable, be refunded in accordance with the above policy.

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