Safe Handling of Ammonia

(City & Guilds 2078)

No one can have failed to hear of the phenomena “Ozone Depletion & Global Warming”, especially those within the refrigeration industry.

These environmental hazards have been, to some extent, attributed to the refrigeration industry and the refrigerants we have used for many years. One refrigerant stands out as a possible solution to these environmental problems and is increasingly being selected as the only option to meet both environmental needs and the personal safety of employees.

That refrigerant is AMMONIA (NH3).

Ammonia has been used as a refrigerant for over 100 years and if handled correctly is no more dangerous than the many alternatives presently in use.

The Hall Training Centre at North Kent College in realising the need for both awareness of ammonia' and ammonia handling training, has formulated three comprehensive courses to ensure all delegates are aware of the correct procedures involved in the use of ammonia.

These courses are enhanced by Hall Training having a fully operational industrial sized ammonia plant within the training facility. This gives delegates hands on experience in the use of ammonia. This hands on practice allows us to offer, after satisfactory assessment, the nationally recognised City & Guilds 2078 Parts 3 & 4 Safe Handling of Ammonia.

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For personnel not directly involved in the handling of ammonia but who have ammonia used on their site and may need some form of awareness training, Hall Training have a shorter 1 day course to cover this requirement. This can be delivered at our centre or on a customer’s site.

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