2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Brilliant teacher (Steve Martin).  Very helpful.  I started the practical with no confidence at all, and with help/assistance and even telling me to do it myself, I felt it was the best way to learn.  Will be recommending Hall Training very highly."
Mark Lemasurier - Excel Cooling Services - 30 September - 04 October 2019

"I found the course really helpful and the way it was taught to me was easy to pick up.  The instructor couldn't have been more helpful."
Jordan Box - RMS 
- 30 September - 04 October 2019

"I have learned a lot of practical and theory knowledge during the course.  The teacher showed very good attitude and patience required.  I enjoyed every minute of this course.  I will recommend Hall Training to next generation"
Mariusz Kolodziejczyk - Valaris - 30 September - 04 October 2019

2078 Ammonia Practice

"The best refrigeration course I've attended in 39 years of service.  First class tuition"
Gary Meadows - Unilever
 - 26-30 November 2018

"The course was presented in an excellent format which encouraged me to fully participate in all tasks and practical exercises.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it was definitely time well spent."
Mike Rees - Unilever 
- 26-30 November 2018

"Really engaging course that I learnt a lot from.  Thank you"
Ben Nickerson - Rick Bestwick North 
- 26-30 November 2018

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Course was delivered in an excellent fashion.  Exceeded my expectation and will recommend training here to my colleagues"
Daniel Maynard - Aker Solutions - 19-23 November 2018

"I came in to the course with a little knowledge about refrigeration.  Finishing the course I can say that I have more than enough knowledge and confidence to work with refrigeration systems"
Denmark Montalbo - Mintra Training Portal Ltd 
- 19-23 November 2018

"Well delivered.  Steve has a huge understanding of the subject matter.  Will recommend Hall Training to anyone needing an F Gas ticket"
Lee Cavagan - Ensco 
- 19-23 November 2018

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

"Good mixture of theory and practical learning techniques.  Knowledge assessments 1-7 were good revision aids"
Sam Gallacher - Lockheed Martin UK - 05-09 November 2018

"Very well delivered course, good mix between theory and practical."
Alastair MacNiven - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 05-09 November 2018

2078 Ammonia Practice

"A fantastic course with excellent learning aids.  All the staff were great.  I would highly recommend"
Matthew Hartley - Private - 29 October - 02 November 2018

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Training very useful and teacher with high experience and very good attitude"
Maciej Jerchewicz - Mintra Training Portal - 22-26 October 2018

"Great learning in a relaxed, well informed environment"
Darren Hemsley - Quantum 
- 22-26 October 2018

"Steve went above and beyond delivering the course, and very knowledgeable answering any questions relative to the course"
Theodoros Dimitriou - J & E Hall Ltd 
- 22-26 October 2018

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Course extended to include troubleshooting practice.  Course content very good and trainers very helpful throughout.  Content was explained clearly and notes were provided"
Anton Vella - Falck/Ensco - 24-28 September 2018

"Extremely well presented course, delivered by knowledgeable and experienced lecturers"
Gordon Campbell - Prosafe (via Mintra) 
- 24-28 September 2018

"Great course, really well run through each and every part.  Would highly recommend to anyone"
Jamie Mackenzie - NAC 
- 24-28 September 2018

"Really helpful course and was delivered really well.  Probably the most interesting course I've completed"
Daniel Radcliffe - Yacht Engineer 
- 24-28 September 2018

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Very good course and tutor.  Came in not knowing a lot, left with a lot better knowledge of refrigeration.  Thank you Steve."
Antony Gray - Tecnicool Services Ltd - 16-20 October 2017

"Made as enjoyable as possible.  Course covered thoroughly and in detail."
Lewis Potter - Skuddair - 16-20 October 2017

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

"Course was far better delivered and organised compared to others I have attended.  College facilities were above what I expected and the lecturing team went well beyond what I expected to ensjure I was successful in attaining my F Gas certificate."
Henry McCann - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 02-06 October 2017

"By far the best course I have attended.  Excellent training.  Excellent staff. Terrible coffee!"
Josh Gudgeon - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 02-06 October 2017

2078 Ammonia Practice

"The course is very effective to deliver the right knowledge regarding handling ammonia, with good hands on experience."
Marco Cefarin - J & E Hall Ltd - 25-29 September 2017

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Thommo was a great instructor and the presentation of the course was executed to a very high standard with clear and concise instructions."
Max Skudder - Skuddair Ltd - 18-22 September 2017

"Thommo certainly knows his stuff.  Enjoyed the course very much and will enjoy taking my new knowledge forward".
Neil Samson - Port of Dover - 18-22 September 2017

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"Top notch, good quality tuition with real world experience to back it up.  Good use of IT presentation and new industry applications."
Matt Jones - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 11-15 September 2017

"Well presented and delivered."
Maurice Mullins - ECS - 11-15 September 2017

2078 Ammonia Practice

"Well conducted course, with a non pressured environment.  Would recommend to anyone looking to further their fridge training."
Jevan Harrod - Bernard Matthews Ltd - 24-28 July 2017

"A very interactive course with lots of information and a strong emphasis on correct handling of ammonia."
Andrei Ionut Stefancu - J & E Hall Ltd - 24-28 July 2017

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Great presentation, learned lots.  Highly recommended."
Harry Tompkins - Opus Air Conditioning - 17-21 July 2017

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"Thoroughly enjoyed both courses and Practical assessment was great.  Perfect for those going into refrigeration.  A* Steve."
Reuben Orr - Mars Chocolate UK Ltd - 10-14 July 2017

"Very good, explained a lot.  Steve also took the time to help us catch up after our break inbetween weeks 1 and 2."
Phil Jupp - Mars Chocolate UK Ltd - 10-14 July 2017

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Thommo made the whole experience a lot easier and explained everything in easy to understand methods.  I will be recommending this course to the company for my colleagues.  Thanks for everything - absolutely brilliant."
James Parsons - Cool Dynamics Ltd - 26-30 June 2017

"Excellent instruction from Steve, very knowledgeable and conveyed all course information in an easily undertandable manner."
Daniel Chinn - Prosafe - 26-30 June 2017

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Clear, concise information.  Really improved my understanding and confidence of the refrigeration process."
Simon Zarych - BAE Systems - 22-26 May 2017

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"Fantastic course well presented by both lecturers, in great teaching environment.  My understanding of fridge systems and science has increased 10 fold.  Thanks very much."
James Bryant - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 15-19 May 2017

"Great course presentation, gives you the confidence to go out and carry out the job straight away."
Philip Cuskin - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 15-19 May 2017

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

"Relaxed feeling throughout.  Learnt a lot within a short time."
James Overton - Private - 08-12 May 2017

"Information was well presented with a good amount of practical work backing up the academic lectures.  Practice questions were very helpful preparation for the final exam."
A Cameron - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 08-12 May 2017

"Great course with great instruction - fast paced but met the requirements - practical side really helps."
A Cameron - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 08-12 May 2017

2078 Safe Handling of Ammonia

"Brilliant, well presented, first class."
Danny Hopcraft - Johnson Controls - 03-07 May 2017

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"The course was precise and a pleasure to attend."
Clive Goodwin - Kingsley Napley LLP - 03-07 April 2017

2078 Ammonia Practice

"Course was extremely well presented by Eric and was very well executed".
Jared Hickman - LH-PLC - 27-31 March 2017

"The course was delivered with expertise and experience which gave me the best chance of achieving my maximum potential.  Thank you, it has been a very good experience."
Martin Breckon - LH-PLC - 27-31 March 2017

Ammonia Awareness

"Gave me plenty of things to think about in relation to the operation and maintenance of my plant"
Neil Rogers - Nestle Purina - 22 March 2017

"Great presentation - energetic and very informative"
Matthew Hanchard - Engie - 22 March 2017

"Enjoyed course.  Indepth information on ammonia and effective learning.  Would recommend"
Reece Stevens - Engie - 22 March 2017

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Very happy with the course and the teacher.  Very hands on, patient and understanding."
Jak Turner - CSS Ltd - 20-24 March 2017

2078 Safe Handling of Ammonia

"Course explained well.  Very well presented.  Would recommend to other ammonia tech. engineers"
Grant Lovick - Johnson Controls - 20-21 March 2017

2079 Refrigeration Practice

The instructor was thorough and ensured the quality of learned practice was to a very satisfactory standard.  Left the course feeling competent"
Sherwyn Blake - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 13-17 March 2017

"A really well run course, and enjoyable."
Karen Clark - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 13-17 March 2017

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Well set out course with a small group giving more time with instructor.  Interesting course with lots of hands on practical work and would recommend this to my colleagues and marine friends."
Magnus Jamieson - Prosafe Offshore - 27 February - 03 March 2017

Very good course, learnt a hell of a lot in a very short period of time.  Best course attended.  Would like further training at Hall's especially system diagnosis - great trainer, great course."
Scott Noye - South Eastern Trains - 27 February - 03 March 2017

2079 Refrigeration Practice

Excellent tuition and practical set up."
Chris Summers - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 13-17 February 2017

Really useful refresher, and practical allowed reinforcement of theory."
A Samuel - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 13-17 February 2017

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

"Good, friendly, interactive.  Good balance between knowledge and practical"
A Samuel - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 30 November - 06-10 February 2017

"Very good course, enjoyed so far and learnt a lot."
Daniel Garland - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 30 November - 06-10 February 2017

2078 Ammonia Practice

"Really good course and made me confident to work with ammonia."
James Vines - Johnson Controls - 30th January - 3rd February 2017

"Excellent course, lots of information to take away from it.  Will recommend this to management for all our engineers to attend."
Trevor Batterham - Greenyard Frozen UK Ltd - 30th January - 3rd February 2017

2078 Ammonia Practice

"The course was very well presented, all the information and practical training was given in a way that was easy to understand and I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge because of this."
Paul Foster - XPO Supply Chain UK Ltd - 01-05 February 2016

"One of the best courses I've done, enjoyable, informative and learnt a lot more than I thought I would."
Matthew Shipton - ADM Pura Foods - 01-05 February 2016

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"Course was presented to a high standard.  The knowledge imparted was easily understood and the practical was easily followed."
Neville Nelson - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 07-11 December 2015

"Great course to learn on.  Staff helpful and informative.  Willing to answer any questions."
Dustin Burton - Delron Services Ltd - 07-11 December 2015

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

"Excellent course and very well presented."
David Ratcliffe - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 30 November - 04 December 2015

"Excellently presented - instructor is clearly knowledgeable."
Simon Cox - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 30 November - 04 December 2015

Hall's Single Screw Compressor

"Very good.  I achieved what I came here to do.  Very good lecturer who knew what he was on about.  Good teaching environment.  I would recommend it to friends and colleagues."
Chris Jackson - J & E Hall - 25-27 November 2015

2078 Ammonia Practice

"Very good all round and interesting.  Has made me rethink my safety on site re evacuation masks - 10/10 Thommo!"
Rich Shawyer - Mars Chocolate UK - 23-27 November 2015

"Course information very good.  The instructor put the information across very well and made it easy to follow."
Jamie Bowditch - J & E Hall - 23-27 November 2015

"Good course.  Delivered on objectives in an enjoyable environment.  Would recommend to others."
Trevor O'Neill - Mars Chocolate UK - 23-27 November 2015

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Well presented throughout.  Thommo clears any additional questions with clear, understandable answers/explanations.  Really enjoyed the course.  Thank you."
Matthew Durham - Skuddair - 16-20 November 2015

"Excellent course with a lot of useful information, delivered very well."
Taras Perederiy - Polarcus DMCC - 16-20 November 2015

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"Course objectives and level pitched just right.  Excellent training equipment and tools."
Tom Wyatt - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 09-13 November 2015

"Great course, great trainer, great facilities and at the same time, very enjoyable."
Tobie Mitchell - Planned Facilities & Maintenance Services - 09-13 November 2015

2078 Safe Handling of Ammonia

"The best course and tutor I've ever been on - excellent presentation.  Can't say enough positives about it, and now I have a very good understanding of ammonia."
David Paternoster - Arcus Solutions - 26-27 October 2015

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Very good course.  Would recommend the course to all companies.  Very well presented and I learnt a lot during the course."
Will Edwards - Private - 19-23 October 2015

Chris Dickie - Dolphin Drilling - 19-23 October 2015

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"Very good course.  Allows participant to improve their refrigeration knowledge 10-fold".
Christopher Davidson - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 12-16 October 2015

"Steve was firm but fair, excellent course considering the short amount of time we had.  Would definitely recommend."
John Devaney - Romann Catering Ltd - 12-16 October 2015

2078 Ammonia Practice

"Thommo was very thorough in his explanations.  Very approachable, and I didn't feel awkward asking any kind of relevant questions, no matter how basic."
Danny Holland - Arcus Solutions - 12-16 October 2015

"Excellent presentation and well delivered practical and theory training."
Mark Hannaford - Arcus Solutions - 12-16 October 2015

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

"The course was excellent.  As a new person to refrigeration the teaching methods were perfect in terms of getting the information across.  Tutor was excellent, would definitely recommend."
John Devaney - Romann Catering - 05-09 October 2015

"Excellent practical demonstrations with training equipment.  Enthusiasm and knowledge of instructor excellent.  There is a lot to take in in a short period of time but this is necessary for exam preparation."
David Donbavand - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 05-09 October 2015

"Very good course content that has allowed me to go from very little refrigeration knowledge at the start of the week to feeling confident in being able to monitor, understand and work on the systems that I will be exposed to."
Chris Davidson - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 05-09 October 2015

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Very good course - one of the best I have done, and learned lots.  Very good teacher."
William Strachan - ENSCO - 28 September - 02 October 2015 

"Very well presented course with excellent practical and theory.  Highly recommended."
Greg Macaulay - ENSCO - 28 September - 02 October 2015 

"One of the best courses I have ever done."
Grzegorz Wieczorek - Polarcus DMCC - 28 September - 02 October 2015 

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"Lecturer presented the course in an interesting way and posed plenty of questions to get us thinking throughout the training".
Barrie Crossan - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 14-18 September 2015

"An excellent mix of practical and theory learning.  Eric could not have done more to help me understand refrigeration".
Philip Gregory - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 14-18 September 2015

"Enjoyed the course.  Instruction, equipment and visual aids first class".
David Foster - Ensco - 14-18 September 2015

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

"A good balance of practical and theory.  Steve Martin was an excellent lecturer who was very approachable".
Philip Gregory - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 07-11 September 2015

"I learnt a lot and also enjoyed the entire week.  The tutor made everything clear and easy to understand".
Tobie Mitchell - PFMS - 07-11 September 2015

2078 Ammonia Practice

"Before I started the course I was a bit apprehensive and nervous about ammonia.  I now am quite aware of the dangers and I feel confident.  The course was well presented and I can recommend anyone to attend that will want to get a better awareness and knowledge of ammonia".
Richard Hall - Arcus Solutions - 07-11 September 2015

"Excellent.  Presentation and delivery explained in a clear and concise way".
David Smith - Arcus Solutions - 07-11 September 2015

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Excellent course, well presented and explained in detail".
Richard Popps - Banyard Maintenance - 29 June - 03 July 2015

"Great tuition, cleared up lots of my confusion about refrigeration systems.  Would highly recommend the course - Thanks".
Luke Sangster - Dolphin Drilling - 29 June - 03 July 2015

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"Excellent all round, fun and interesting"
Rich Shawyer - Mars Chocolate UK - 22-26 June 2015

"Once again, fantastic course, great teaching methods, excellent workshop and facilities.  Brilliant delivery of an interesting and worthwhile sujbect.  Many thanks."
Paul Mitchell - Mars Chocolate UK - 22-26 June 2015

"Very good throughout, especially enjoyed fault finding exercises"
Anthony Luke Gibson - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 22-26 June 2015

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

"Course was of a very high standard and all learning objectives were delivered to a high standard allowing me to feel confident and competent upon completion"
Sean McCormack - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 15-19 June 2015

"Excellent course, well presented"
Craig Nicholls - Eurotunnel - 15-19 June 2015

2078 Ammonia Practice

"My second course here and I am still very impressed with the content, teaching methods and equipment available.  Thommo delivers all subject matter very well, in a fluid fashion which means he is very happy to answer any questions at the time of asking.  Very knowledgeable on the subject but also eager to listen and explain by various means anything I didn't understand or needed clarity on.  Excellent, thanks".
Paul Mitchell - Mars Chocolate UK - 15-19 June 2015

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"A fantastic course with a good mix of theory and practical.  All work stations were in perfect working order and all well kept and supplied with correct tools for the exercises.  I would recommend the course to anyone.  Enjoyable and learnt a lot.
Dan Turner - Prosafe - 13-17 April 2015

"Was made to feel welcome upon entry, and helped to feel confident throughout the course.  Had a clear understanding of the course content and learnt a lot, and enjoyed all aspects."
Matthew Fagan - Skuddair Ltd - 13-17 April 2015

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Our trainer, Mr Steve Martin, is one of the best trainers I have seen.  Very professional for this type of on hand training.  Points covered will always be handy in the future".
Mehmet Direnc - GEA Refrigeration - 16-20 February 2015

"The presentation was interesting for me and I learned many things which will help me in my further career in the offshore industry.  Steve is an excellent instructor and has no problem in showing things more than once or twice, until you understand."
Michael Barisic - ENSCO - 16-20 February 2015

Safe Handling of Ammonia

"Thommo made the course easy and very clear to understand.  Would recommend."
Mark Hannaford - Arcus Engineering - 16-17 February 2015

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"This course was perfect.  Very thorough and informative.  I started knowing very little, but now feel I am confident and competent to tackle any system.  If you want to learn this trade I would highly recommend Hall Training Centre".
Barry Whitehead - Complete Cellar Services - 09-13 February 2015

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, a course where you actually learn and retain the information.  Would recommend to anyone who needs 2079".
Sam Massey - European Commissioning Services - 09-13 February 2015

Hall's Single Screw Compressor

"Perfect for my requirements"
Craig Awford - Unilever UK - 05-07 January 2015

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Fantastic course, well delivered, great instruction.  Monday knew nothing, Friday very confident to work on F gas systems.  Thank you Thommo!"
Rob Barden - Vali Engineering - 15-19 December 2014

"Everything perfect - Mr Thompson has made a great job".
Benigno Pintadu - EMD Mech Service - 15-19 December 2014

"Difficult course made a lot more understandable by Steve.  Facilities and equipment were good, definitely recommend".
Kyle Hedger - Skuddair Ltd - 15-19 December 2014

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"I found the course very useful, and in the one week I was here, have learnt skills that will benefit me in my job".
Stuart Fowler - Prosafe Offshore - 24-28 November 2014

"The course was pitched at a very good level with both practical and theory knowledge combined at all times".
Peter Arends - Nestle UK - 24-28 November 2014

"One of the best courses I have ever attended.  Lot of useful information, very friendly environment".
Arkadiusz Wilk - Polarcus DMCC - 24-28 November 2014

"Very well presented, clear and concise instruction throughout.  Very enjoyable course".
Maciej Wilk - Polarcus DMCC - 24-28 November 2014

2078 Ammonia Practice

"The course went very well.  Learnt a lot, thanks to the course teacher, E Thompson.  Would recommend."
Kurtis James - Valley Engineering Ltd - 17-21 November 2014

"My tutor, Eric Thompson, was very informative and knowledgeable, teaching in a relaxed way that made it easy to learn - overall a nice guy - Thanks"
James Sheppard - Royale Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd - 17-21 November 2014

"I have attended a large number of training courses during my career and consider this to be the best.  Extremely informative and enjoyable"
Tim Dummett - Royale Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd - 17-21 November 2014

2078 Safe Handling of Ammonia
"Course was presented well, Eric made the training interesting, informative and enjoyable."
Steven Ryde-Weller - J&E Hall Ltd - 10-11 November 2014

Refrigeration Appreciation
"Excellent mixture of theory and practical sessions.  Course was able to include items specific to my application.  The pace was great, I learnt a lot.  Thanks Tommo."
Mick Cockshott - Heineken UK - 03-04 November 2014

2079 Refrigeration Combination
"Good learning environment with excellent workshop equipment and tools to efficiently and safety obtain course objectives".
Rory MacNab - Prosafe Offshore - 03-07 November 2014

"Excellent course with informative and enjoyable practical elements".
Neil MacDonald - Prosafe Offshore - 03-07 November 2014

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Best course I've attended ever.  Instructor was also the best that has taught me - very knowledgeable and great teaching ability - thank you!  Teaching facilities excellent and a good size class for this course."
Ian Webster - Prosafe Offshore - 27-31 October 2014

"The course was very valuable in the understanding of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.  Tommo has a very good teaching method and is very knowledgeable about the subject - this helped as it made for a very relaxed environment in which to learn."
Bryan MacDonald - Prosafe Offshore - 27-31 October 2014

"Very enjoyable and beneficial course.  Correct balance of practical and theoretical work, conducted in an excellent environment."
Simon Graham - Prosafe Offshore - 27-31 October 2014

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"Very well presented, clear and concise instruction throughout.  Very enjoyable course".
Karl Middis - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 13-17 October 2014

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"Excellent course, made to feel at ease.  Lecturer extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Thoroughly enjoyable and a good insight into correct procedures and techniques.  Thank you to Steve and Thommo"
Dominic Featherstone - Prosafe Offshore - 06-10 October 2014

2079 Refrigeration Combination
"By far the best and most practical course I have attended in my four years working offshore (I have done a lot of courses!)"
Atli Gudbjartsson - Polarcus DMCC - 22-26 September 2014

2078 Safe Handling of Ammonia

"Very interesting information given in a fun, positive way - would recommend"
Mark Ward - Nestle - 22-23 September 2014

"The course was delivered in a clear and concise manner, which put me at ease and made learning a pleasure".
Gary Hardiman - Nestle - 22-23 September 2014

Ammonia Awareness

"This course is very important for anyone handling ammonia, direct or indirect.  Wonderful instructor."
Quam Adeniyi - Folkestone Energy - 17 September 2014

Refrigeration Appreciation

"Eric is a great teacher!  Excellent course, well paced and he made the course unique to me.  Would definitely recommend!"
Jason Logan - Heineken UK - 15-16 September 2014

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

"Tutor very knowledgeable with an excellent, patient, easy to understand method/teaching style for a complex subject."
Steve Pells - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 23-27 June 2014

"Very good course presentation.  As a new person to refrigeration the instructor's personal knowledge as well as great teaching aid has given me a great foundation to build on."
Josh Pryor - Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 23-27 June 2014

Refrigeration Appreciation

"Course delivery was excellent.  Gained everything I needed and appreciate the tailoring of the course content to cover all subjects related to principles and work applications."
Karl Seager - Premier Foods - 28-29 May 2014

Ammonia Awareness

"Excellent course.  Ticked all the boxes and then some.  Well worth the journey from Annan."
Paul Gribben - PHG Safety Services Ltd - 27 May 2014

2078 Ammonia Practice

"The course was well presented and at the correct pace, plus it was enjoyable to attend.  The instructor gave examples based on personal experience and invited students to interact and do the same resulting in an involving and enjoyable learning experience."
Adam Puk - J&E Hall Ltd - 31 March - 04 April 2014

"Eric Thompson was brilliant at explaining the course, making you feel comfortable and relaxed.  I would highly recommend this course to future apprentices."
Pascal Faure - GEA Refrigeration - 31 March - 04 April 2014

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"I came with minimal knowledge and feel very pleased with what has been achieved.  Excellent teaching skills and very supportive towards achieving goals."
Paul Reed - Transocean 03-07 February 2014

Hall's Single Screw Compressor

"Clear and concise instruction enabled me to understand the inner workings of Hallscrew compressor around previously obtained theoretical knowledge.  Practical training will be invaluable."
James Waites - J & E Hall Ltd 27-29 January 2014

2079 Refrigeration Combination

"This is by far the best course I have ever attended.  Very knowledgeable tutor, fantastic facilities.  I will highly recommend it."
Murdo MacKenzie - Falck Safety Services 06-10 January 2014

2079 Refrigeration Practice

"A very good training course with good exercises.  I have learned a lot from attending.  I would highly recommend this course (part 1 and 2) for all levels.  Hall Training Centre has very good facilities, very good equipment and excellent trainers."
Robert Carr - Dolphin Drilling 20-24 December 2013
Hall's Single Screw Compressor

"Excellent course - in content and knowledgeable instructor.  I would feel confident now inspecting/working on Hallscrew compressors."
Kevin Warne - Birdsall Services Ltd 16-18 December 2013

"Gained good knowledge and experience on single screw compressors.  I would also recommend course to others."
Chris Ward - Birdsall Services Ltd 16-18 December 2013

Ammonia Practice

"Excellent course.  Extremely well presented.  Learnt a lot and built confidence everyday.  Brilliant information was given and explained to make it easy to take in."
Paul Britt - Pinguin Foods 09-13 December 2013

2079 Combination

"The workshop refrigeration installations are very clear and easy to learn on.  It is the best course I have ever been on".
Janusz Lawicki - Dolphin Drilling 25-29 November 2013

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

"The course was great and very professional - great fun and top science.  Highly recommended"
Pawel Gora - Mars Chocolate 14/10/2013

Mechanical/ Electrical Fault Finding

"Excellent course, well presented, delivered and very useful to my line of work. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff"
Ranjit Nijjar- Network Rail- 24/05/2013

Mechanical/ Electrical Fault Finding

"Enjoyable course which was well delivered and informative"
Thomas Gooding- Network Rail- 24/05/2013

Mechanical/ Electrical Fault Finding

"Excellent 2nd step course after F-Gas, will use knowledge gained to improve reliability of our site systems. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff make the course interesting and flow rate of the course was suburb many thanks"
Paul West- Network Rail- 24/05/2013

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge
"Very clear and expansive course with good instruction and facilities."
Phillip McCartney - NCIA (NATO) - 15/03/2013

Hallscrew Compressor
"Well presented, very patient with hands on supervision. Excellent advice given during the course. Explained any questions asked- would highly recommend the course"
Julian Healy- 01/02/2013

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge

“Well run course achieving all aspects of refrigeration theory”
Alan McMurtrie- Ministry of Defence 09/11/2012

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge
“A well presented and informative course. Visual aids were excellent and the hands on experience really helped to build on previous knowledge”
Andy Pryce- RFA 28/09/2012

2079 Refrigeration Practice
“Well taught, knowledgeable lecturer, good setup and well paced. Willing to answer questions regarding setup and testing of equipment we have on the ship”
Graeme Barton- British Antarctic Survey 23/11/2012 

2079 Refrigeration Practice
“Course very well presented. Experienced instructors very good. Would recommend to colleagues”
Bryan Sanderson- Dolphin Drilling 23/11/2012

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge
“The course has been a joy to attend. Every aspect of the tuition was well above meeting my expectations. Clear, concise explanations lead me to the examination with no fear of anything that I could come up against”
Adam Williams- J & E Hall Ltd 09/11/2012

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge
“Very laid back trainer helped no end! The course was explained/ carried out in a way that involved everyone and kept me interested and able to take all information in with retaining it. Would recommend to anyone”
Terry Robinson- Norland Managed Services 09/11/2012

2078 Ammonia Practice
“The course was enjoyable to take, was put at ease which made it easier to take information on board”
Allan Alligan- Honeywell Control Systems 24/08/2012

2079 Refrigeration Practice
“Feel a lot more confident with all aspects covered after the weeks practical training”
Paul Griffin- RFA 05/10/2012
2079 Refrigeration Practice
“Tutor was excellent and very patient, went above the call of duty”
Allan Thompson- Ministry of Defence 23/11/2012

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge
“I thought the course was put together very well and also put across well by the lecturer. I was put totally at ease and have learnt so much in a week”
Shaun Jones- Orchidwood Mushrooms 12/10/2012

2079 Refrigeration Practice
“My understanding and confidence with refrigeration has grown once again. This is due to the well paced and detailed structure of the course”
Ashley Kelly- Mars Chocolate 21/09/2012

2078 Ammonia Practice
“Was impressed with the teaching, friendly staff and knowledge from the staff. The ammonia room was brilliant”
Christopher White- J & E Hall Ltd 30/11/2012

2079 Refrigeration Combination
"Could not have been better"
Martin Xuereb, Ensco 10/08/2012

2079 Refrigeration Combination
"Course was very helpful and gave a high understanding of the subject"
Tim Curry 10/08/2012

2079 Refrigeration Combination
"The trainer has excellent communication skills, and in depth industry knowledge which was invaluable"
Chris Gonella, Quantum Group 14/09/2012

Ammonia Awareness
"Course was very helpful, well explained, plenty of detail and made us aware of dangers & procedures of ammonia"
Gavin Carey, Orchidwood Mushrooms Ltd 13/09/2012

Ammonia Awareness
"Very thorough, enthusiastic and knowledgeable on all areas of the subject"
Pete Thomson, Orchidwood Mushrooms Ltd 12/09/2012

Single (Hallscrew) Compressor
"Trainer obviously has an extensive knowledge of the hallscrew compressor which he imparts in an enthusiastic manner. I learnt a great deal from the course and would thoroughly recommend it"
Michael Payne, J & E Hall 25/05/2012

2079 Refrigeration Combination
"I found the course layout and teaching method to be excellent in order for me to pass and learnt a lot more than what I knew prior to the course"
Ian Shepheard 13/04/2012

2079 Refrigeration Combination
"Very enjoyable, great communication and easy atmosphere in which to learn"
Gainer, Prosafe 27/01/2012

2079 Refrigeration Combination
"Tutor was very clear and had a very good teaching method. He made the subjects a lot easier to understand"
Wayne Bean, Fridge Solutions 13/01/2012

2079 Fast Track Refrigeration Practice
" The course presentation was very well layed out, with high quality training which is very sufficient, useful and also very easy to pick up whilst learning. All the staff are very easy to approach and also very professional at their job. Would recommend all refrigeration engineers to attend this course"
Scott Smith, ACR London 21/12/2011

2079 Refrigeration Combination
"A good course, presentation well layed out and explained by tutor. Tutor always helpful and willing to listen"
Roger Webb 16/12/2011

2079 Refrigeration Practice
"Excellent throughout, clearly presented in a safe manner by very experienced instructors"
R Debono 09/12/2011

2079 Refrigeration Practice
"Very well paced and clearly delivered throughout. Equipment setup has been given a lot of attention- very good"
Duncan Anderson, British Antarctic Survery 09/12/2011

2079 Refrigeration Combination
"Course was very well presented and trainer had great knowledge of subject"
David Wares, Ensco 02/12/2011

2079 Refrigeration Practice
"Very well organised, good learning opportunity, good enjoyable course"
Kurtis James, Valley Engineering 27/07/2012

Refrigeration Appreciation
"Excellent course, perfect for our needs. Good mix of classwork to practical. Great to see air conditioning system in action to carry out assessment of it"
Andrew Silveter, Stulz UK 13/07/2012

2078 Safe Handling of Ammonia
"Excellent course, well delivered and pitched at an appropriate level. Good trainer, would definately recommend Hall Training to others"
Robert Wilson, Nestle 18/06/2012

2078 Safe Handling of Ammonia
" Made the course very enjoyable and the lessons were relaxed with a great atmosphere. Absolutly a great course and would recommend this course again without doubt"
Pat Linehan, Nestle 18/06/2012

2078 Ammonia Practice
"Very well presented, took time to make sure all candidates understood all aspects of the course, by asking valid points until we all understood"
Phillip Dynes, J & E Hall 15/06/2012

2078 Ammonia Practice
"I would just like to thank the Hall Training Centre for a great week and have enjoyed learning and gaining more knowledge about NH3. Thanks Guys!"
Dave Roberts, Coldmove Ltd 20/04/2012

Refrigeration Appreciation
"A very helpful team and excellent insight into the subject"
D Fawcett, Central Sussex College 30/03/2012

2079 Fast Track Refrigeration Practice
"Very good course, learning new aspects and put at ease throughout course and got brain working!"
D Towler, Goldstar A/C Ltd 15/02/2012

2079 Refrigeration Practice
"Good pace of learning, good balance between theory and practical. Excellent lecturers"
Nicholas Cronin, RFA 03/02/2012

2079 Refrigeration Practice
"Excellent course. Well taught and great facilities/ equipment"
Arwel Roberts, RFA 03/02/2012

2078 Safe Handling of Ammonia
"An excellent course that was instructed by an experienced and professional teacher. Ammonia plant very good training aid"
K Miller, Royal Navy 20/12/2011

2079 Refrigeration Practice
"The course was delivered to an extremely high standard, while still being relaxed"
Scott Browitt, WMF 27/07/2012

2079 Refrigeration Knowledge
"Tutors knowledge was excellent and he made us feel very comfortable with our level of progress. It was lovely to come to a course and actually learn something constructive, many thanks"
Paul Evans, Mars 13/07/2012