Frequently Asked Questions

How do learners apply?

Via NKC website online application
Through UCAS Progress
Paper application form

When do learners apply?

As soon as possible – interviews being held now. (We open applications for the following year from the end of September-end of July)

Can learners apply for more than one course?

Yes just add them to the application form in preference order.

What happens after the initial application?

After the initial application, the learner will be sent through an interview date. (If they have applied for more than one course they will have an interview for each). This can take around 2 weeks, but at peak times may be slightly longer.

What happens after interview?

There is an offer of a place(either conditional or unconditional) and then acceptance. We stay in touch with the learner from application to enrolment and are always available.

What if GCSE grades aren’t as expected?

After GCSE results – we ensure they enrol on the right level of course based on GCSE results – or the learner can change their mind (if places are available on another course).

What is the difference between an academic and vocational offer?

One of the main differences between academic study and vocational is that studying for A-levels involves study across and variety of different subjects whereas studying for a vocational qualification, although made up of a variety of components, is all aimed at one subject. Our BTECs have enough value to lead onto Higher Education if wanted, however by focusing their study on one subject, it can lead them straight into a career by providing more hands on experience during studying.