Clearing options at North Kent College 

Study locally at a fraction of the cost of university

If you want to come to North Kent College in 2018 but don't have an offer - or have missed the offers you did have - Clearing 2018 could be for YOU.  Clearing is the process used by the College to fill any spaces we have for the next academic year.

Not only is this a fantastic tool for those who haven't quite obtained the results they wanted, they can also be used by anyone who exceeded their expectations that are keen to reassess their choices. Perhaps you wish to change career or study for personal progression. Are you a mature student wanting to enter in the world of Higher Education?

A-level results day is on Thursday 16th August 2018. 

Whatever the reason behind you choosing a Higher Education course at North Kent College we are certain we have the course for you! 

Our CLEARING HOTLINE is now OPEN - 01322 629580. After this time you can still call us on 01322 629400 and ask for our Higher Education Department - we do have spaces STILL AVAILABLE

Clearing can be a hectic time but it’s important you make the right decision when accepting a place on a Higher Education course because you are committing to studying for a period of time.

You should check that you meet the minimum clearing entry requirements for the course you wish to apply for and that you are happy overall with the content of the course and its progression routes.

Are YOU eligible for CLEARING?

You are eligible for Clearing if you have applied in the current application year, you have not withdrawn your application and one of the following criteria applies to you:
• You applied before 30 June and were not made any offers
• You applied before 30 June and declined all of your offers
• You did not meet the conditions of your firm and insurance choices, and they have declined to take you, or you have declined any alternative offers (changed course offers)
• You applied after 30 June. If UCAS received your application after this date, it will not have sent it to any universities or colleges and you will go straight into Clearing

Once you've found a Clearing course that interests you, you'll need to call the College’s Clearing HOTLINE -  01322 629580.
We will be happy to help you with your next steps.

Based on the information given our Higher Education admissions team will assess whether or not we can offer you a place.

For more information, advice and guidance regarding clearing please contact us on  01322 629580 or email