Life on Campus

All of our programmes (with the exception of HNC General Engineering, which is based at Gravesend), are taught at our Dartford Campus.

Online Resources

We have a specialist Higher Education virtual learning environment, where you can access all kinds of resources, including: information on the “learner voice”; research and study skills; information for students with disabilities and learning difficulties; information on student finance and bursaries; support services; useful information on employability and progression, and much more.

Learning Technologies

You will have access to our main library, which has relevant reading material for your programme and access to thousands of online e-books and e-journals. 


We understand that sometimes juggling your personal life and your studies can get a bit much, which is why we have student counsellors available who can help you with issues that may be affecting your learning. 

Professional Staff

Staff involved in teaching Higher Education are full or part-time members of staff, with teaching qualifications or alternative relevant academic qualifications and industry-based experience. No PGCE students on placement are involved in teaching higher education programmes. Staff members also undergo higher education-specific continued professional development.  

Child Care Facilities

Having young children should not put you off getting an education. We have child care facilities on-site at Bright Beginnings Nursery.

Higher Education Reps

Each of our programmes have dedicated student representatives who provide an important ‘learner voice’ that is used to gather feedback, and evaluate and enhance our services. Student reps undergo specialist training, which enables them to contribute effectively in promoting a positive student experience.

Reps are also available to support and offer advice to other students when needed. Each year, a delegated ‘Lead Rep’ and ‘Associate Lead Reps’ act as student Ambassadors, playing a vital role in our Higher Education provision.