Mature Students

We welcome students from all ages and backgrounds to the college, including those who decide to return to study at different stages of their lives. We consider a ‘mature student’ to be anyone who is aged 21 or over when they start their course.

Visiting the college

Visiting the college is a great way to get a feel for what studying here is really like. We hold three Open Days each year in Spring, June (Specifically for Higher Education) and October. We have mature student information available at all open days to provide prospective students with expert information, advice and guidance.

Mature students and funding

Take a look at the government website for full details about funding here.

Filling in a UCAS application

All students applying to study Higher Education at the college, regardless of their age, should make their application via the UCAS website. UCAS also provides some useful advice about applying to university as a mature student.

It is important that you complete all sections of the UCAS application, including details of any existing qualifications that were achieved some time ago. There will also be the opportunity for you to list your full employment history to-date. Please make sure that you provide an explanation for any gaps in employment, for example, due to travelling or unemployment, even if this does not appear to be relevant to your application.

Your personal statement is the ideal place to demonstrate your understanding of and enthusiasm for your chosen course. It is also your opportunity to explain how any work experience, qualifications, life experiences and skills that you have gained mean that you are well suited and prepared for studying your chosen course. We would also encourage you to explain why you have chosen to return to study at this time and why you feel that you would benefit from a higher education.