Creative Media Production - Digital Journalism (Year 1)

The Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production (Digital Journalism) aims to provide trainees with opportunities to explore the transformative nature of digital journalism. Through a range of critical and practical approaches learners will benefit from a hands-on approach towards the latest journalistic innovations.
Along with the development of core skills in research and contextual awareness, learners will benefit from industry level insight to the following practices:

- Interactive journalism
- Creative & Factual Feature Writing
- Media Law and Ethics
- Critical Social Media Practices
- Blog Creation
- Vlog Creation
- Online Presenting
- Podcasting
- Radio Production
- Website Design
- Marketing & Advertising Strategies
- Public Relations

'Digital Journalism brings skills and opportunities to those looking to be digital influencers and content providers in social media, radio, vlogging, blogging and more traditional areas of journalism and creative writing. The course uses live projects and production-based exercises to get you involved in using digital platforms, presenting work to audiences and developing a large range of creative skills suitable for employment or Higher education.'

What qualification will I gain?

UAL Level 3 Diploma In Creative Media Production & Technology (Digital Journalism )

Entry requirements?

A minimum of four – grade 4 or above GCSE's or equivalent – one of which should be either maths or English

What progression options will I have?

A range of media industry employment and freelance opportunities, as well as progression onto associated level 4 and 5 programmes

What costs are involved?

Tuition Fees:
16-18 - free
19+ Advanced Learning Loan - £3750

Exam and Registration Fees (payable by all aged 19 and over): £170

Other Costs (payable by all students): £150 Annual Company Contribution

This course may also attract additional costs, for example, kit, uniform or books, that all students will be required to pay. Please contact the College for further details.

How will I be assessed?

An associated practical 'skills-test' at the end of the first term. Followed by developed assessment of coursework and a 'final creative project' at the end of programme