Catering - Professional Chef Diploma

This programme is suited to learners wanting a practical experience developing skills and knowledge leading to qualified chef status. The programme is aimed at school leavers as well as adults looking to get back into study and achieve a professional qualification in this desirable vocational area.

Stage one of this programme concentrates on the development of the knowledge of professional kitchen with units on – Kitchen equipment, Health, safety and food hygiene and professional workplace skills. Cookery classes, together with work experience in our contemporary restaurant and canteen, develop an understanding of preparation and cooking techniques such as steaming, stewing, roasting and frying.

Stage two of the programme continues the development of cookery skills and associated knowledge based on classic French cookery. Terms such as macedoine, roux and béchamel can be displayed alongside a broader range of dishes and commodities. Taught through practical and theory sessions in our training kitchen and classrooms, it is also demonstrated through work as a Chef de Partie (Section Head) in our contemporary restaurant and Canteen. In addition, work placements and experiences with our business partners, further develop these skills leading to paid employment and apprenticeships.

Our study programme includes opportunities for you to develop your English and Maths skills as required. You may be expected to complete either functional skills or GCSE qualifications as part of the course dependent on your GCSE results

What qualification will I gain?

VTCT Introduction to Professional Cookery Diploma - Level 1

Entry requirements?

GCSE Grades 2-9 in Maths and English. Entry point dependant on grades, school report or reference and experience

What progression options will I have?

Progression onto Advanced Professional Chef Diploma, Professional Food Service Diploma

What costs are involved?

Tuition Fees:
16-18 - free
19+ - £1650 (subject to Government funding) Exam Board Registration £95

Other Costs (payable by all students): £45 Material fee contribution and £15 Trip

This course may also attract additional costs, for example, kit, uniform or books, that all students will be required to pay. Please contact the College for further details.

How will I be assessed?

This programme will use a variety of assessment methods which will include periodic skills tests, short answer questions, and assignment work. Your work is graded, and you will be able to track your performance as you work towards the qualification. There will also be classroom activity, online learning, and visits to supplement learning. Your studies will culminate in a set of final practical tests which will count towards your final grading.