Business and Computing

The curriculum offer for Business and Computing focuses on accounting, business studies, general secretarial, legal secretarial and computing courses.


Our ethos is to deliver a high quality curriculum to all learners throughout the department, to prepare them for entry into employment, progression onto higher level courses or entry into higher education. 

College life

The student experience at NKC is quite different from school, in that our courses generally run on a three day week basis, which enables you to undertake work experience or part time jobs on the other days. 

Induction week

In order to prepare you for the course you’re about to undertake, an induction week takes place, which is run by the staff from our department. A tour is taken around NKC, the grounds and the other departments. There are also talks from the College’s Careers and Financial Advisers. 

Personal Tutors

You will have a personal tutor, who stays with you throughout the academic year. Your personal tutor will meet with you regarding your progress, in terms of your course, and also if you have any worries or issues.

If you’re on the wrong course

On occasion, students at the commencement of their course decide that the course is not for them. They then discuss this with their personal tutor and look at opportunities within our department and courses provided by other departments. This is encouraged, so that we ensure that you are on the right course and that you’re going to stay on that course and achieve.

How much it costs

In terms of course costs, if you’re 16-18 years old, the course tuition fees are free, but there are some material costs for books and equipment. However, there’s a lot of support from NKC, such as the Learner Support Fund, where learners can access additional funds to help with the cost of coming to college.

What it’s like in Business and Computing

Feedback from our learners is that they thoroughly enjoy their time within Business and Computing. That they have to work really hard, they’re driven, but well supported by our staff. 

Business links

Employers from some of the most reputable organisations in London, such as Morgan Stanley and Freshfields contact us with job vacancies and they will come back to us time and time again, because we provide such a high standard of training and great quality students. 

Our strength

A huge strength of the department is that learners are well prepared for employment; in 2014/15 every single learner in the department either went into employment, university, or progressed onto a higher level course.

We offer courses in Business and Computing in the following areas, please click the links to find out more:

Business and Finance 
Computing and iMedia (gaming)
Legal & Office Support