Construction and Engineering

In Construction and Engineering we cover vocational training where you learn practical hands-on skills, and all the underpinning knowledge of the trade that you've chosen to go into. 


Our ethos is to provide an environment where you’re going to get experience of working with your hands. Also, working with professionals who really understand what it is that you can achieve and working to professional standards, preparing you for life in the industry. At NKC, we provide a blend of practical and academic vocational learning and it is focused towards the career path that you have chosen. This contrasts quite clearly with some of the more academic routes such as A levels, which aren’t quite so industry focused, or give such high quality practical work in these areas. 

College life

College isn’t like school, it’s a different environment. You might come here to be an engineering student or to study construction, but around you there’s so much more going on, like sports clubs, a restaurant and a theatre at Dartford. 


When you start at NKC, it might seem quite daunting, it’s a different environment and can be quite challenging, so we try and make it as welcoming as possible. Sometimes the course you’ve chosen isn’t quite right for you, so there are opportunities to discuss this with your tutor to ensure that you get to explore other available avenues, during your first six weeks at NKC. 

We give opportunities to a huge diversity of backgrounds, financial and educational; we want to make sure that finances aren’t a barrier to your learning. So, for those who do find it difficult to cover some of the costs, we have the Learner support fund and a variety of other schemes available to help you.

Links to the industry

We have strong links with employers and it’s not uncommon for them to have a need to take on an apprentice or an employee, and approach us for suitable candidates. 

Did you know you can STILL claim your CITB grant, if you refer your apprenticeships to North Kent College? Enquire now.

We offer courses in Construction and Engineering at our Gravesend Campus in the following areas, please click the links to find out more:

Motor Vehicle
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning