Sports, Hospitality and Service Industries

The Sport, Hospitality and Service Industries department covers  Public Services, Travel and Tourism, Sport, Hospitality and Catering, Early Years, Health and Social Care and Supported Learning.


Our ethos is simply that we want the best from our students; we hope that they are determined, enthusiastic and committed to their studies. 

Curriculum Facilities

You can really benefit from our fantastic facilities at NKC; we've got a brand new bespoke sports centre at our Dartford campus, as well as outdoor facilities such as cricket pitches, four football pitches and a rugby pitch. We have industry standard kitchens and a restaurant open to the public at Gravesend for our catering students and we even have a mock aircraft cabin for our Travel and Tourism students at Dartford. We would encourage you to become involved in other areas of the College, such as being a client in beauty therapy or hairdressing. You can also use the social zones, Miskin Theatre and sports facilities as well as the library, which has got a big computer base to support your studies.

Support and Advice

Within all areas we try to reflect the professionalism of the vocational areas that you want to go into. Staff will help you and they will support any student who’s struggling, or not quite where they want to be. 

If you decide that the course you’ve enrolled on isn’t for you, we offer advice on other courses and will help you to make the right choice as all of our staff are very experienced in their vocational area and will be able to advise you accordingly. We’ve also got a qualified careers teams available at NKC, who can help you with careers and course advice as well. 


Students can expect a hard working, but fun environment to learn in. It’s not all about being stuck in classrooms like the school approach to learning. We’re all practical people and coming to college is about learning vocational skills and putting the theory into practice. We really want you to enjoy your time at college and that doesn't mean just studying; it means taking part in social activities too.

Many of the lessons are based around discussion and staff really do enjoy working with you and sharing their ideas. We’re moving away from a teacher standing at the front of the room and talking at you. We’d much rather have this two-way interaction - sharing ideas and sharing knowledge.

Helping you through the first few weeks

We recognise that the first few days at college can be quite nerve-racking. Tutors will meet with you and make sure that they’re happy. Any settling in problems you have, we are here to help, especially in that first few weeks.

We also recognise that some students will join us, but are still not certain what they actually want to do. So we offer them, within the first six weeks, the option of looking at the other courses, having a taster and just getting a feel for what they’re studying.  There’s nothing worse for us, than having a student in the wrong room, who isn't enjoying their time at college.


All of our full-time courses are free to 16-18 year olds, although there may be some costs for equipment. For example, in Sport, you will be required to wear practical sports clothing. We know that some of the costs may be expensive and as such, there is a Learner Support Fund that you can apply for, to help with the costs of coming to college. 

Jobs and careers

One of the key benefits of coming here, is that you’re timetabled for around three days a week, which allows you time to find part time work, which helps you gain your first bit of work experience. Staff have experience and contacts within their industries, so can help you to find work placements, as well as some more full and part-time opportunities. 

Qualified staff for a qualified future

Our staff are all industry qualified and highly experienced within their vocational areas, such as, professional sports coaches, chefs and people that have worked within the airline industry. We also have current members of staff working for the Territorial Army, so all of the knowledge and skills that we have as a team are shared with you and you can be confident in knowing that we are teaching you up-to-date practices and skills. 

We offer courses in Sport, Hospitality and Service Industries in the following areas, please click the links to find out more:

Hospitality and Catering
Public Services
including the NKC Football Academy
Travel and Tourism
Early Years
Health Care
Supported Learning

Access to Higher Education -

Humanities with Social Science
Nursing & Healthcare Professions (age 19+)