When revision strikes.....

21st April 2017

It's that time of year once again when you suddenly realise that exam season is just around the corner. Your first and most natural response to this may well be to go into a complete panic like thousands of other students across the country. But not to worry as this blog will be full of useful tips and resources out there to help you. 

First things first... preparing for an exam. This is probably one of the hardest steps as you know that you need to revise, but it's hard to know where to start. A revision timetable is a very effective way of balancing out your time, and a good way to ensure that you're factoring in enough time for yourself to relax. Some people find that making this timetable also uses up a lot of time that they simply don’t have. However, during my GCSE period I found a website called 'getrevising' (https://getrevising.co.uk/)  which makes one for you! You enter in the subjects you're doing plus however much free time you want and it generates a whole evenly spaced timetable for you within seconds.

When it came to actually revising it can become overwhelming. A useful way a lot of other students use to cope is creating study groups so you can get through the exam together. This could include sharing resources you've made, notes, testing each other (you can also find thousands of these made by students on https://getrevising.co.uk/ ). It's also a good way to form a support system, as you're all there to reassure one another. If you prefer to revise on your own useful websites include: BBC Bitesize, get revising, and even asking people you know in the year above you to look at their previous work. You never know, they might have thought of some useful revision techniques! 

No matter how much revising you do those few minutes before going into the exam can get you extremely anxious. A way I found was good to battle this was by focusing on the fact that I had prepared for this exam! Sometimes even sparing 20 minutes beforehand to find your subject teacher for some words of encouragement help. It's easy to get caught up in worst case situations, but the truth is they can only ask you about the topics you’ve been taught, and the fact is once you're in there all you can do is your best!

The results will be playing on your mind, that’s normal. But it's important to remember that you deserve a break from stressing over exams once they're over. You should use the time to think about your next steps. If this is still overwhelming and you're finding it difficult to either choose a course, subject or find advice on what's actually available to you then ask for some support. North Kent College offer a great counselling service for their students where you can talk about how to deal with anxiety, stress, or any other issue you're having further in a safe environment. You can either ask your tutor about this, or if you'd prefer its easily accessible via the website and choose your preferred contact method. You'll be given an appointment time and you can discuss any issues you're having, seeking out the right options for you. If you’re hoping to join NKC in September, but still feel a bit unsure of what is right for you, then give the college a call on 01322 629400 and speak to one of our careers advisors. 

Good luck with your exams!

Written by Natasha Carter, Creative Media Student


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