All you need to know about Apprenticeships!

13th February 2018

All you need to know about Apprenticeships!

Did you know?

Apprenticeships allow you to work while you study and they are a fantastic way to gain the skills, knowledge and experience you need to help you reach your career goal. This allows you to earn whilst you learn, and gives you the opportunity to progress with new skills needed to gain much needed employability skills. The great thing about this route is that there are no student fees and the training is funded by the government and the employer; so it does not lead to debt which a university course might- definitely an added bonus!

Apprenticeship progression routes?

This is a commonly asked question when it comes to apprenticeships, what do they lead onto?

Well, national statistics show that 90% of apprentices continue onto employment after their training is complete, as they have gained all the skills that employers look for.

There are different entry levels with apprenticeships, starting from level 2 – 7. Entry levels are equivalent to GCSE’s all the way up to university level. Therefore income increases depending on the apprenticeship level you decide to do, not just during the apprenticeship but also when you move into employment. If you qualify at a high level within that subject area, you can earn a substantial amount more compared to someone who does not have this qualification, even though it is for exactly the same role.   

Why do an apprenticeship?

Becky Szekely – Digital Marketing Apprentice at North Kent College

Becky says “As an apprentice myself, I knew I did not want to continue onto university. This is because I know what my strengths are and I know the best way that I learn. I am a creative individual and I find enjoyment from doing practical tasks rather than memorising a textbook. Even though I could have continued with Fine Art at a Higher Level, I could not visualise the progression route I could have achieved from studying this subject at university. Therefore, I decided to consider apprenticeships and see if there was a way that I can still use my creativity in the working environment. This is when I came across digital marketing, which was a way that I could still have creative input with social posts. Also, combing other interests that I have, such as media, editing, photography and more. I am currently at the beginning stages of my apprenticeship journey and so far I am enjoying every minute of it. I am learning new skills all the time and understanding the in-depth details to the world of digital.   I would wholeheartedly recommend the apprenticeship route!”

What apprenticeships does NKC offer?

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