Things you could do this summer!

10th July 2019

Do you need some ideas on fun things to do during your summer holiday? Well, this may be the blog for you. We will be giving you a list of activities you could do, as well as some ideas to help you prepare for going back to school or starting College in September.

Fun Activities List: 

. Go to a festival.
. Join a club.
. Learn how to play an instrument.
. Redecorate your bedroom. This is a great way to declutter and prepare a nice working space for studying and to do any course work (Here are some of our favourites we found).


. Go camping in your garden.
. Have a BBQ.
. Go to a theme park.
. Go to the beach- but if you can’t make it to the coast then why not pop down to The Beach At Bluewater.
. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
. Go to the cinema- you can use your student discount to enjoy entertainment for less.
. Try out some quick and easy recipes- check out these delicious ones! 

Now it’s time for the academic list. This one may not seem as exciting as the other list but, by being prepared for your next academic chapter your future self will thank you big time.

Academic Preparation List:

. Complete any summer tasks/work if given by your school or college, so you don’t have to worry about it last minute. Also, by completing it early on you can focus more on having fun during your summer holiday.
. If you are not sure about your next academic step, research what schools and colleges have open days or events coming up before September. 

Some of the events we have coming up: 

    . GCSE Information Day 22nd August at both Campuses, 10am-4-pm.
    . Open Enrolment on 3rd - 4th September at both Campuses.  

For more information on our upcoming events, check out our events page

. Do you need any important documents or portfolio for your enrolment? Gathering a neat pile will be much easier than panicking last minute trying to figure out and find everything you need. 
. If you want to get ahead of the game you can start looking at exam boards, topics within the units and previous exam questions to give yourself an idea of what you will be learning.
. Get all your equipment ready e.g. stationary, bag, planner…
Check out this cool pencil set we found! 

. Is there a dress code? Do you feel you have enough clothes? A shopping trip seems like a fun way to prepare yourself for the next step.
. Check to see if you are eligible for student financial support.
. Prepare a positive attitude. This can be achieved by meditating, why not try out some of these meditating techniques? 
. Lastly… be excited about your next academic chapter. 

We hope we have given you a few new ideas to help you with your summer plans. Let us know if you have any other suggestions and most importantly- enjoy the rest of your summer holiday!

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