Just got your GCSE results? Here’s what to do next?

22nd August 2019

The moment you have been waiting for over your Summer holiday is finally here! You have opened your GCSE results and you may now be thinking- what do I do next? Well, not to worry as we will be providing you with lots of information with all the options that could help you. 

Important Dates:

. GCSE Information Day- Friday 23rd August, Dartford and Gravesend Campus (10am-4pm).
. Drop in Interviews- Tuesday 3rd- Wednesday 4th September, Dartford and Gravesend Campus (Tuesday 3rd September, 10am-7pm and Wednesday 4th September, 10am-4pm).

So .. here we go …

  • Talk to your teachers or career advisors- They will be able to give you support and advice on what you should do next depending on the results you have achieved. They will help you and introduce you to the right people who will help you to continue with your next chapter after GCSEs.    

  • Appeal- If you want to query a grade as one is unusually low compared to your other grades or you have narrowly missed a grade boundary – speak to your teacher in the subject or your head of year. They will contact the exam board for you so they can look into that specific grade and see if the result is correct or incorrect. If you want to query a grade, make sure you do this after you have opened your results (or as soon as possible) so the issue can be dealt with by the exam board. If your grade does not change then you can ask to retake that subject if you are not satisfied with your end grade.

  • Talk to your sixth form or college- If you did not meet the grade requirements to continue with your studies, your sixth form or college may still offer you a place, taking into account certain factors and the entry level required. They may allow you to switch to a different course or recommend other academic options for you.  

  • Changing subjects or courses- If you have had second thoughts about your subject or course choice, you can potentially swap subject/course. Make sure you speak to your sixth form or college who will advise you with this process.  

  • Resits - If you did not achieve the grades you were hoping for don’t panic, as you can resit your exams to increase your grade or pass the subject in order to progress onto your next desired academic step. If you did not achieve at least a grade 4 or 5 (C grade) in your Maths or English GCSEs, these are two subjects that you will have to resit in order to progress onto A-Levels or College. These resits will take place in November, whereas other subjects will take place the following summer (however, depending on your sixth form or college, you may be allowed to resit your exams during your course. This is something that you would have to look into with your school or college).

We hope this blog has given you some useful tips in case you are unsure of what to do after opening your GCSE Results. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are happy to help you. Come along to our DROP IN INTERVIEWS TAKING PLACE ON TUESDAY 3rd-WEDNESDAY 4th September (Tuesday 3rd September, 10am-7pm and Wednesday 4th September, 10am-4pm),where we can help you and you could be starting with us this September!

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