Preventing Terrorism and Radicalisation within our Communities

10th October 2018

What is Prevent?

Prevent is the name given to the national strategy, which aims to stop people from becoming violent extremists or supporters of terrorism. There are three main objectives within the Prevent strategy, which is designed to support people at risk of joining extremist groups and carrying out terrorist activities.

The three objectives in the Prevent strategy are: 

. Challenging the ideology that supports terrorism and those who promote it.
. Protecting vulnerable people.
. Supporting sectors and institutions where there are risks of radicalisation.

What is radicalisation?

Radicalisation is the action or process of causing someone to adopt radical positions on political or social issues.

Signs of possible radicalisation:

. Notable changes in behaviour/mood.
. May begin to express extreme political or radical reviews.
. Appear increasingly sympathetic to terrorist acts.
. Appearance may change.
. Friends may change and may spend excess time on their own. 

In some cases, once someone has been radicalised, it can develop into extremism. 

What is Extremism?

Extremism is a vocal or active opposition to fundamental British Values, including democracy. Prevent aims to deal with all forms of extremism, including Far Right racist extremism, animal rights extremism and religious extremism. However, it is important to remember that not all extremist groups, whether Islamist, far-right or other, will commit terrorist or violent acts. Though, some groups pose particular threats, both online and offline.

British Values: 

What can be done to prevent those from becoming radicalised or acting on extremism?

Channel is a programme that has been created as part of the strategy, which aims to help people at risk through a process or support, to prevent being drawn towards terrorism or violent extremism.

The programme uses a multi-agency approach to protect vulnerable people by:

. Identifying individuals at risk.
. Assessing the nature and extent of that risk.
. Developing the most appropriate support plan for the individuals concerned.

How do we take on the responsibility of promoting British Values?

At North Kent College, we work hard to promote Values, which ensure that learners develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility. These values underpin the work we do as they are embedded and promoted within our curriculum and through other experiences that learners receive throughout the college year.

As a college we believe that we allow our students to develop and recognise right from wrong, resolve conflicts, understand and explore diversity, develop a moral code, understand others’ beliefs and understand how communities function. These qualities will prepare them for their next steps and allow them to participate fully in life in Modern Britain.

By providing a curriculum which supports these values, it is a vital part of a students studies to prevent risks of radicalisation and extremism from developing. 

What to do if you have any concerns?

By raising concerns to those who deal with these kind of situations, you could help stop someone you believe is at risk of radicalisation. This would then lead to that individual to get the support they need, which may prevent them from becoming involved in potentially violent activities, before any criminal activity occurs.

You can speak to Sheila Dance (Safeguarding Lead) or Sue Barry (Prevent Lead) about any concerns, well as your course tutor. Alternatively, you can also contact any of the numbers below.   

Further Information 

Home Office
Anti-terrorism hotline 0800 789321
Crime stoppers 0800 555111

We hope our blog has been informative and has given you a better understanding of what Prevent is. We are aware that this can be an uncomfortable subject to talk about, but by discussing and becoming aware of this topic and knowing the signs to look out for; we can help to spread the message of Prevent & British Values. 

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