Apprenticeships, what are they and how do they work?

4th March 2019

What is an Apprenticeship? 

An apprenticeship is a job with training. This means that when you become an apprentice you will have a job that includes gaining a recognised qualification and essential skills to help you progress onto permanent employment. 
Many young people leave school or university without any real work experience. An Apprenticeship gives you the experience that employers need. It improves your employability and makes you an ideal candidate for employers when they are looking for newly qualified and skilled staff.

Did you know?

Whilst doing an Apprenticeship you will earn an income whilst learning. Also, the great thing about this route is that there are no student fees, as the training is funded by the government and the employer. If you decided to progress onto a higher apprenticeship, this means there are no debts, unlike a university course- definitely an added bonus!

How do apprenticeships work?

When becoming an apprentice, you will work for at least 30 hours a week. You will work alongside employees who have had experience in the industry, to help gain job-specific skills within the work environment. You will receive regular training and tasks set by your training provider, which will build your knowledge of that specific job sector. 
Apprentices earn the national minimum wage (£170 per week), although many employers may pay more than this. In some job roles, your wage may increase as you progress and take on more responsibility.
However, something to remember is that there are different entry levels with apprenticeships, starting from level 2 and all the way to higher apprenticeship at level 4 and 5. 

Here are some of the benefits of doing an apprenticeship:

. Earn a salary
. Receive training
. Gain qualifications
. Learn job-specific skills
. Still get staff benefits such as paid leave, sick pay etc. 

Apprenticeships at NKC

The benefits of an NKC apprenticeship programme is that we can offer you the chance to leave school at 16 and go straight into work or improve your skills if you're already in work.
We have been offering a wide range of apprenticeships, work-based training and qualifications for more than 20 years and our reputation for providing flexible, good quality training, which is supported by local organisations that work closely with us.

The apprenticeships that we offer at NKC:

  • AAT Accountancy
  • Business Administration  
  • Carpentry   
  • Commis Chef 
  • Electro-technical 
  • Engineering Level 2  
  • Engineering Level 3  
  • Hairdressing  
  • Hospitality Team Member Apprenticeship  
  • Learning Support Assistant  
  • Marine and Maritime Occupations (BML) 
  • Marine and Maritime Occupations 
  • Maritime Caterer  
  • Maritime Officer of the Watch  
  • Motor Vehicle Level 2  
  • Motor Vehicle Level 3  
  • Painting and Decorating  
  • Production Chef 
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Our brand-new apprenticeship in partnership with Berkeley Modular

This apprenticeship standard is specifically for apprentices joining the Berkeley Modular “Apprentice Off-site Manufacturer” role. The responsibilities for this role is to produce detailed solutions to achieve the optimum performance of built environment projects via digital models and presentations using software, sketches and electronic visualisations. 

Berkeley Modular

Berkeley Modular is a newly-formed company, founded to produce a volumetric modular housing solution specifically for the Berkeley Group. Berkeley are opening a new factory this September in Northfleet under their subsidiary Berkeley Modular. They are looking for a talented team of apprentices to join their team, where they aim to produce up to 1,000 homes per year when fully operational.

We are assisting them in their recruitment of apprentices to work in this exciting new facility and our Vice Principal, Gravesend Campus, Mark Andrews has designed a new Digital Engineering Technician Apprenticeship standard with them to meet their requirements. They are recruiting 12 apprentices to start this September and require them to be over 18 years of age due to the complexity and responsibility required for these roles. The apprenticeship includes developing skills such as technical solutions, advance design software, lean manufacturing, quality systems and so much more. The apprentices will learn skills that will serve them well as the modular housing industry continues to transform, these skills are transferrable to industries like the aerospace and automotive industry.
Berkeley Modular are therefore looking to recruit year 13 students who have the appropriate skills to work for Berkeley Modular on this L3 apprenticeship programme. The apprenticeship training programme was launched on Tuesday 26th February. Take a look at further details here.

Fire it Up National campaign

 The government has launched its ‘Fire it Up’ campaign to showcase the diverse range of opportunities available to apprentices. 
The new campaign and website will provide useful information, advice and guidance, showing a wide variety of apprenticeships options for all ages and backgrounds. The campaign also focuses on ensuring that young people are made aware of apprenticeships and how this pathway could be more beneficial to them and their future success.
To discover case studies from apprentices and employers and much more, please visit the new apprenticeship website.

 We hope our blog has given you a better insight into what apprenticeships are and how they work. Apprenticeships are a fantastic progression route and national statistics show that 90% of apprentices continue onto employment after their training is complete. If you would like to discover more about the apprenticeships we offer, then click here to our ‘Apprenticeship Page’. 

We are going to have plenty of content during 4th to 8th March, helping you progress onto an apprenticeship. Keep your notifications turned on to stay updated with what we have planned for our social media accounts!

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