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7th March 2019

For National Apprenticeship Week we wanted to share with you case studies from our students and employer point of view. 

Meet Ruby, who is our who is one of our AAT apprentices and is currently working at The Forge Entertainment Ltd. Ruby took the time to share with us why she decided to become an apprentice and why she would recommend this career pathway option. 

Current Apprentice (Ruby) Q&A

1.    What Apprenticeship are you studying? 

AAT level 3 Diploma in Accounting with The Forge Entertainment Ltd – My job role is a Finance Assistant.

2. Why did you choose to do an Apprenticeship?

I like to take on challenges, last year I was a full-time student at the college doing my AAT level 2 in accounting, I was also working alongside the course. But I decided I wanted to take on bigger challenges in the career path I wanted to progress in and therefore I thought it was about time to get an apprenticeship.

3. Why did you look at North Kent College to support you in an Apprenticeship?

Due to me already being a student there I was familiar with how the college worked and how they set out my study path. Also, the college is very local to my home town which has made my travels to and from college more convenient.

4. How have you found the Apprenticeship so far? Do you still feel it was the right decision and why?

I have found the apprenticeship scheme very eye-opening, it is a perfect way of getting on the job experience and learning at the same time, I have found my work challenging but I think that is also the best way to learn as it makes you feel proud once you have completed tasks even if they do take time!

5. Would you recommend an Apprenticeship to others and why?

Yes, I would, this apprenticeship has opened many doors for me and therefore I am more than happy to be part of The Forge Entertainment. The amount of opportunities you can receive from an apprenticeship is amazing, from attending VAT seminars to going to the Broadcast Awards. I would say that if you know or have an idea of the career path that you would like to get into then you should go for it! This is the best way of getting into it as you learn on the job and gain your qualifications, it is your first step into the real world.

6. Do you have any advice for someone who’s thinking about starting an Apprenticeship?

If you are thinking about taking part in the apprenticeship scheme, I would defiantly suggest not to be money focussed, but put your best opportunity first. The money comes later! You also need to understand the fact that it can be difficult to work and study, you need to be willing to put in the hours of studying to achieve your goals as it can be hard, but I can guarantee you that completing the work is very rewarding.

7. Would you recommend North Kent College as an Apprenticeship provider to others and why?

North Kent College are very supportive to me as an apprentice, they have set my course up to ensure that I will be able to complete my studies with a good pass and as stress free as possible. They aim to visit my work place every few months to check that my learning is going well and that my employer is also happy with the scheme. I would recommend North Kent College as the college maintains a very high standard of education and the staff are always happy to help.

8. What are you hoping to achieve on the next steps of your career path?

I am aiming to complete my AAT qualifications and hopefully move onto my ACCA q
ualification, I am also hoping to experience accounting on the production side of the television industry, and I want to be able to take on more work daily as I become more knowledgeable of the business.

9. Tell us about your typical working day as an Apprentice-

        •  your hours (what time do you start and finish) 9:30 – 18:00
        • your tasks and responsibilities on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

I am in control of the invoices which come in for the weekly pay run, I also prepare the companies card transactions document to ensure they are ready to be uploaded onto the accounting software. I keep the Forge’s petty cash and control who takes it and for what purposes. I am also helping with the transition of the accounts from one accounting software, Tasbooks to move it on to Sage.
        • Who do you report to?
The Finance Director Stephanie Wong, we speak to each other daily and I also have a catch up at the beginning of each week to say where I am and what work I have for the week ahead, she does very well in ensuring that I am happy with the workload that I am receiving but likes to test my understanding to see where I am struggling.
        • What support do you receive from your employer and the college?
If I have any questions Stephanie is always happy to help answer them with the details of how everything works. The college are always prepared to give advice and extra work when needed and make a good effort to make sure that my employer is happy and that I am also happy.

Finance Director of The Forge Entertainment, Stephanie Wong, also took the time to answer our questions about how having an apprentice has benefited the business and why the company has decided to work with us for the apprenticeship programme. 

Employer (Stephanie) Q&A

1.    What Apprentices do you currently employ?

The Forge Entertainment Limited employ 2 apprentices, one from North Kent College (Finance Assistant) and another from the Channel 4 apprenticeship scheme.

2.    Why did you decide to take on an Apprentice?

We wanted to support the Apprenticeship program and provide opportunities to bright young sparks who are interested in the TV world, a chance to pursue their interests and further their career. 

3.    Is this the 1st Apprentice you have employed?

The Finance Assistant and Office runner are the first 2 apprentices that we had – they both joined at the same time in Oct 2018.

4.    How has having an Apprentice benefited your company/business? What have they brought to the company?

The Apprentices are keen and eager to learn. I hope that they learn and progress with the Company.

5.    Would you take on another Apprentice in the future?

Yes, I would take on another Apprentice in the future. 

6.    What made you work with North Kent College for the Apprenticeship programme?

Actually, Ruby (our Finance Assistant) looked for me! I posted on a website and Ruby applied for the Apprenticeship role through the website.

7.    How have you found working with North Kent College?

It was a pleasant experience working with North Kent College. I like the feedback session that the College organises every term to monitor the apprentices and support them. 

8.    How did/do you find the process of taking on and working with an Apprenticeship- was it a simple process?

It was a simple process, the College assisted every step of the way.

We hope this case study has given you an insight into how beneficial it can be to become an apprentice and or taking on an apprentice within the business. If you would like to discover more about our apprenticeship programmes, then please head on over to our “Apprenticeship Page”. 

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