The countdown to Easter

2nd April 2019

Spring has arrived and what better way to celebrate than a brand-new blog from us all about Easter!

In this blog, we are going to give you a few ideas of some things you can get up to during the Easter season. 

To kick things off, why not tick a few things from your bucket list for 2019 or add a couple of new goals? These goals can be ambitious, simple or a combination of both. 

Here are a few goals to inspire you:

. Be more present- delete some of your most distracting social media apps to help you be more present in the moment.
. Learn something new!
. Drink more water
. Focus on self-care
. Read a book once a month

Another one of your goals for 2019 might be baking, or if you love to bake then these Easter recipes will definitely make your mouth water. We found some quick and yummy treats, to help bring the sweetness to your Easter plans such as shredded wheat nests, Easter egg brownies, sweet shop bark and of course an Easter egg rocky road. 

To push your baking ability to the next level, check out our “Hospitality and Catering Page” 

Easter wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t decorate an egg. There are loads of materials you can use to decorate your Easter eggs with such as paint, glitter, wallpaper, stickers, newspaper and so much more. Click here to get some egg-spiration for your Easter eggs or check out our “Art courses”!  

Lastly, enjoy the weather! Go outside, start an adventure and make some memories. 

We hope our blog has given you some inspiration for your Easter plans, let us know what you get up to. From everyone at NKC, we wish you all a HAPPY EASTER! 

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