UCAS deadline 2020– what does it all mean to you?

6th January 2020

As the festive break is fast approaching and you begin to think about the joys of Christmas time, you suddenly realise the deadline for UCAS applications are on the horizon and a wave of worry rushes through you, but don’t you panic we’re here to help :

Our blog will explain the importance of the UCAS deadline and provide you with tips and tricks on how best to submit your application.

Let’s start with the simple bits, the deadline will close on Wednesday 15 January 2020 and if you want to guarantee that your chosen universities/colleges will consider your application, you must submit your UCAS form by midnight on this date – universities or colleges are not obliged to consider any applications received by UCAS after the 15 January.

With 6 weeks left to go, here are some tips to avoid the last-minute panic:

You must ensure you re-read your application, copy and paste it into a word document and print it out – look out for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. 

TIP: It’s always best to ask someone else to have a read over as well (fresh eyes)

Check your application as gone through by logging in and look for a message on the welcome page that says, ‘Your application has been sent to UCAS and will be processed shortly’. 

TIP: If you don’t see this message don’t panic – it just means your reference is still being written, or your school/college have not approved your application yet. Contact your tutor and ask when it will be ready. 

Leaving it to the last minute doesn’t work for anyone - even if you think it does! Imagine if something goes wrong: the computer breaks, you have to help your mum with shopping, or you accidently put the file on the wrong USB and it takes hours to find.

TIP: Always have a hard copy printed out and an electronic copy saved in a secure and well thought out place on your laptop/computer to save any mishaps! 

No nervous breakdowns needed – give yourself plenty of time and remember a UCAS application is just one of the many forms you will have to fill out in your lifetime. 

Good luck!

How other students have applied

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a breakdown of how one of current higher education students applied for a higher education course.  

Mature student and mum, Denise (37), wanted to study for a new career and found that North Kent College would be the best location to fit her busy lifestyle.  After researching the North Kent College website and speaking to the Admissions Team on the telephone, Denise decided on one of our HE courses and attended our Spring Open Day in February to speak to the course tutor.  “I was sure I was doing the right thing after I met with the Tutor and I was more determined than ever to go for it”.  Denise applied via UCAS online before the deadline and is now in her final year of the course.  “I don’t regret the decision to pursue higher education...  I’m planning on studying for an additional year to get my degree.  I didn’t think I could get a degree at this stage of my life, but now it’s completely possible and firmly within my grasp”.

How to apply

It’s a good idea to do plenty of research, so visit the UCAS website for more information, or visit our website to find out about the higher education courses you can study at one of the North Kent College campuses.  

Written by Sian Fox, Marketing and Events Officer.

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