Helping others this Christmas

20th December 2019

Christmas is not just a time for drinking too much, eating too much and spending time with your loved ones. Christmas is also a time of goodwill – not everyone is as lucky as you. So, why not spend some time over the Christmas period helping those less fortunate, it could be as simple as donating to a local food bank.

This blog will give you plenty of ideas on how your able to help others this Christmas, here’s some things you could do: 

1) Give Blood
Register to give blood – on the day you will receive a free hot drink and biscuit out of it!
2) Befriend an elderly person
Contact your local hospice/day centre and ask if there is anything your able to help with.
3) Donate presents
Bluewater has a giving tree which offers guests the chance to donate a gift to local disadvantaged children and spread some Christmas spirit.
4) Random act of kindness

You could give a generous tip to a waiter/waitress
Buy a homeless person a sandwich and a hot drink
Help someone who is struggling with their luggage on public transport
Give up your seat to someone on busy public transport
Give genuine compliments

It is proven that acts of kindness can have a huge benefit to your own happiness and health as well as those of the people you help. 

To support our blog North Kent College staff and students will be doing their bit this Saturday after raising £500 they were able to create 100 ‘care packages’ for the homeless. They will be venturing to Charing Cross and other busy parts of London such as Oxford Street to give these out.

Try and do your bit this Christmas!

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