Everything you need to know about Apprenticeships!

3rd February 2020

What is an Apprenticeship? 

An apprenticeship is a job with training. When you become an apprentice, you will have a job that includes gaining a recognised qualification, important skills to help you progress onto permanent employment and you get to earn an income. 

Did you know?

The great thing about taking the apprenticeship route is that there are no student fees, as the training is funded by the government and the employer. If you decided to progress onto a higher apprenticeship, this means there are no debts, unlike a university course. Also, you get to earn an income whilst learning- definitely an added bonus!

How do apprenticeships work?

When becoming an apprentice, you will work for at least 30 hours a week. You will develop job-specific skills from working alongside employees who have had experience in the industry. This will help and build your knowledge of the job sector, as well the regular training and tasks you will receive from your training provider. 

Apprentices earn the national minimum wage (£170 per week), although many employers may pay more than this. In some job roles, your wage may increase as you progress and take on more responsibility.

However, something to remember is that there are different entry levels with apprenticeships, starting from level 2 and all the way to higher apprenticeship at level 4 and 5. 

Here are some of the benefits of doing an apprenticeship:

. Earn a salary
. Get paid holidays
. Progress your career
. Sought after qualifications
. Learn job-specific skills and training.

Apprenticeships at NKC

The benefits of our apprenticeship programmes is that we can offer you the chance to leave school at 16 and go straight into work, so you can establish a valuable career path. 

We have been offering a wide range of apprenticeships, work-based training and qualifications for more than 20 years and our reputation for providing flexible, great quality training, which is supported by local organisations that work closely with us.

The apprenticeships that we offer at NKC:

. AAT Accountancy
. Business Administration 
. Carpentry  
. Commis Chef
. Digital Building Design
. Engineering
. Hairdressing 
. Hospitality Team Member  
. Learning Support Assistant 
. Maritime (Seafarer, Engineer, Caterer)
. Motor Vehicle 
. Painting and Decorating 
. Professional Cookery 
. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Many young people leave school or university without any real work experience. An Apprenticeship gives you the experience that employers need. It improves your employability and makes you an ideal candidate for employers when they are looking for newly qualified and skilled staff.

We hope that our blog has helped you with your understanding or decision making when it comes to the apprenticeship route. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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