McBrides Chartered Accountants Employer Case Study

4th February 2020

It’s Apprenticeship Week! Find out more about apprenticeships from the view of an employer. 

Tanya Hamilton is the staff partner for McBrides Charted Accountants who is responsible for the employment of staff at the company.

Why did you choose to take on a business administration apprentice?

We were already taking on accounting and tax apprentices so we were familiar with the process and support we would need to provide. An opportunity arose within our support team where we believed we could offer a good opportunity to a school leaver for a business administration apprenticeship. 

What benefits has the apprentice brought to your organisation?

Having Isabelle on board has lightened the load for some teams during their busiest periods and helped them to better focus on the more demanding parts of their role. Isabelle has been keen to learn and develop new skills which supports the business. It’s also been an opportunity for some staff to develop their coaching skills as they have managed Isabelle and fed back on her performance.  

Would you take on an apprentice again and why?

Yes, we already recruit a number of accounting and tax apprentices each year and would take on another business administration apprentice when the business demand is there again.

Thoughts on the apprenticeship scheme?

It’s a great way for young people who are focused on a particular job or vocation to learn valuable skills and earn on the job while avoiding the hefty debts that now come with studying a university degree. Some people are lucky enough to know what they want to do at a young age, so apprenticeships really give them a chance to get into work much earlier in life. For employers you gain access to staff who are eager to learn and have the support of the college to develop the skills they need for the workplace.

Recruiting an apprentice to your business is extremely beneficial.  If you would like further advice about how to recruit and train an apprentice or general information then please visit our dedicated employers page. 

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