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6th February 2020

Responses from Yazmine Hayrer – Digital Design Engineer Apprentice Level 3

It’s Apprenticeship Week! Find out more about apprenticeships from the view of a current apprentice.
Yazmine Hayrer is currently completing her Level 3 Digital Design Engineering Apprenticeship at Berkeley Modular. 

Why did you choose to take an apprenticeship?

During my year out while working in a practice, I stumbled across the Berkeley apprenticeship scheme, where I essentially read the details of what to me was about being a part of the future and the solution to the housing crisis, but also a part of a community who had the same outlook as I did.
From my assessment day, I knew that Berkeley was the right ‘fit’, as I was amazed at the level of ministration and guidance that the Berkeley Group was putting into this apprenticeship scheme. 

Thoughts on the apprenticeship scheme?

I highly recommend Berkeley Modular’s apprenticeship scheme particularly to those looking to establish a career in architecture, construction or engineering.
I was concerned that taking on an apprenticeship would not be the right path to gain the experience needed to work in an architecture practice however, what I have learnt is that the ‘traditional’ route into making a name for yourself in architecture is no longer so black and white and isn’t for everyone. I’ve always loved architecture and knew from architects I admire and my studies that I was ardent to be a part of the housing sector.

What skills have you developed and has the college helped you?

Today I can honestly say that I made the right choice. I have further developed my 2D and 3D digital skills, and knowledge of working in a construction and design environment such as quality management and building regulations etc, to a higher level with the guidance of construction and engineering experts and tutors at North Kent College.

Would you encourage apprenticeships, if so why?

I am excited for what the future holds being in a position where I am part of something I have always been enthusiastic about, and to know that I play a small part in a company such as Berkeley is an amazing privilege and added bonus and something which I would coerce the next generation of prospective architects, engineers etc, to become involved with. 

Apprenticeships are a great way of gaining a qualification, earning your own income and obtaining the relevant skills to support you in succeeding in your chosen industry.  If you would like further information about our apprenticeship programmes, then please visit our Apprenticeship Page.

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