Inspirations Hair Salons

Everyone deserves to be pampered, so why not do it locally for much less than you would pay in a high street salon? Not only will you leave us relaxed, satisfied and looking gorgeous, but your bank account will thank you too.

Inspirations Hairdressing Salons are located on both the Dartford and Gravesend campuses. We open most weekdays and on selected evenings to offer a comprehensive range of hairdressing treatments and services, to the general public.

Our students provide all of the services as part of their training. They work under the supervision of their lecturers to gain valuable experience in a real salon environment.

For a list of our services, treatments and prices, please call the Dartford Salon on 01322 629 501 or the Gravesend Salon on 01322 629 606.

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Please note: As all work is carried out under supervision there may be delays in stages of the service being checked. This is a vital process for the student which allows development and assessment, as such you should allow more time that normally expected in a High street salon.

Any service is completed at the discretion of the lecturer. If they make a professional judgement that for whatever reason the service you have booked for cannot be carried out you will be offered an alternative service whenever possible. Not all students are qualified yet to carry out all of the services offered. As a result, some services will only be available at restricted times.