Eva Osei-Kyeretwie

Access to Nursing & Healthcare

Eva Osei-Kyeretwie

What did you enjoy most about your course? 

I really enjoyed access course and it has really prepared me for university, but the class I enjoyed the most is psychology class as I learned a lot about human behavior and how the brain works. 

Why did you choose to study at NKC? 

I initially chose to study at NKC based on the content of the course and impression I got from the college from the college’s website. During the months I have spent here, I have come to truly appreciate the depth and breadth of the curriculum. 

What are the benefits of coming to College? 

By coming to college I have been prepared intellectually and socially to meet the demands of the course I want to undertake at the university Level. Already I have gained access to the degree course in adult nursing, and I am convinced that the learning attained in college played a key role in my gaining admission. My confidence has been boosted a lot, and I believe that I would not struggle with my studies in university. 

What is the standard of teaching like? 

Excellent. The tutors are highly qualified and very experienced. 

How would you rate the facilities? 

The facilities at North Kent College are very good. The college has individual departments that provide students with outstanding learning and practice facilities. 

Would you recommend studying at the College to anyone else and why? 

Yes I will recommend North Kent College. The tutors are truly exceptional and challenged me to take my career understanding to the next Level. My education in North Kent College has given me an excellent foundation for becoming an immediate contributor in the nursing field. 

Describe your whole College experience 

A challenging but very insightful, enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

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