Computer-Aided Design

The Autodesk AutoCAD® Certified User program is designed for those who are relatively new to the software and want to prove their basic proficiency.

The Autodesk AutoCAD® Certified User Exam
includes multiple-choice and performance based
questions. Following are some examples
of software aspects covered in the exam:

• Creating, organizing, annotating, and
plotting drawings

• Manipulating, altering, and hatching objects

• Working with layouts

• Dimensioning

• Working with reusable content

• Creating additional drawing objects

What qualification will I gain?

Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User

Entry requirements?

There are no specific requirements, however familiarity with technical drawings and the use of a computer.

What progression options will I have?

Autodesk Certified Professional Qualification

What costs are involved?

£850.00 Plus Registration and Exams

How will I be assessed?

75 minute Online Exam allowing for; modification of drawings, multiple-choice questions, point-and-click.