Arts & Creative Industries

The Arts & Creative Industries faculty at North Kent College is vast and covers everything from art and design, including 3D, graphics, fine art, photography and fashion, into media, music, physical theatre, dance and technical theatre within the Miskin Theatre, plus makeup, beauty and the Miskin spa and the new Lee Stafford Academy of hairdressing and barbering.


Our ethos is really important to us; we’re here as artists to deliver skills to young artists. On our acting courses you won’t be referred to as a ‘student’, as you'll be here to rehearse, work in studios and build your own experience, rather than sit in classrooms studying.  

We really pride ourselves on the industry experience that we give you - you will be directly involved in proper work experience with real companies. We don’t supply tea boys or girls; we actually supply people to work on set for films, inside shows and with photographic companies, to name a few. 

Leaving school behind you

When you walk through the doors here, you’ve left school behind and it’s important that we’re supportive of the difference. We want to make sure you’re on the right course and at the right level, so we will help you come to any decisions you have to make, and of course everyone is there for you.  Our first thought for you is, are you in the right place? Are you going to enjoy yourself? And, are you going to get something out of this that will lead to a career or higher education?

The teaching

The teaching is exceedingly good here and it’s been nationally recognised. Ofsted and government inspections for the past 21 years, have brought the Miskin Theatre out as out as grade one Outstanding every time. This is reflected in the grades that the individual teachers and artists actually get out of that, so we have a massively high proportion of outstanding grade one teachers. For us it’s not self-publicity, it’s a matter of fact that we’re exceedingly good at what we do and we take great pride in it.


We endeavour to keep costs to a minimum and that’s also part of our ethos. If you’re aged 16-18, College carries no exam costs. There is a Miskin Theatre Company contribution cost attached to all Arts courses, but there are financial schemes in place to help you pay for this if you are unable to pay.

The start of your journey

Because you’re working in partnership with industry artists, they’re here to actually find what you’re exceedingly good at and max that out. We are the industry and this is just the beginning of your journey in it.

We offer courses in Arts in the following areas, please click the links to find out more:

Art and Design
Technical Theatre Arts
Media & Journalism
Dance and Musical Theatre
Hairdressing & Barbering
Beauty Therapy & Make Up
Music Performance
Music Technology