Visit to the London Central Criminal Courts (Old Bailey)

8th January 2019

Deborah Mainstone, lecturer and Legal Studies specialist, commented: 

The visit to the Old Bailey had been organised to provide the Level 2 Legal Secretary students with an opportunity to see ‘Law in Action’. Viewing the Crown Court in action where students watched several Criminal cases live was an ‘eye-opener’ for the students.

It gave them the opportunity to see how the courts are organised and how they operate on a daily basis. This has enhanced their studies and reinforced the topics taught so far within their Law unit.
Students viewed the evidential process live hearing Barristers speaking on behalf of their clients and judges directing the court and jury.  Defendants were viewed giving evidence via a video link in one case and body mapping evidence was viewed in another.

Students found the visit very interesting and enjoyable and an obvious plus point to their studies.  Since the visit students have further researched the cases viewed and completed a legal project.”

Feedback from Level 2 Legal Secretary students:

“It was very interesting to see the cases as we got to hear the different types of legal terminology used and how the Court was set out.” Millie Cousins

“Hearing cases in real life and actually being present at a trial gave me a view on what it is like to be in a court case as I have never experienced it before.” Alice Evans

“I find the way the justice system works very interesting and to see/hear how different crimes were committed and how they were sentenced.” Daisy-Leigh Flood

“In the last two cases, the people being tried were present and it was interesting to see their reactions to the sound of their own crimes, even though both seemed unremorseful.” Eron Holmes

“I found the Court visit extremely interesting and it really gave me an insight into what the Old Bailey deals with on a daily basis.” Sophia Newman

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