Education is the key

20th November 2019

At our Dartford Campus, our students got to listen and take part in a 90-minute session by Francis Osei-Appiah, Chief Executive - Reform Restore Respect, who covered topics such as anti-social activities, anti-knives, anti-gangs and petty crime in general.  

Mr. Matthew Scott, Kent Police Crime Commissioner and the High Sheriff of Kent (Her Majesty the Queen representative for Kent) also came along to the session. Mr. Scott is funding Francis’s project, ‘Violence Reduction Fund’, which has increased the number of students Francis will talk to this year from 2,000 to 5,000.

The presentation had a huge impact on our students, as they learnt more about how their decisions can change lives drastically; as well as understanding how education is the key to their future.

Sue Barry, Teaching and Learning Improvement Partner “The message Francis has given to all of us this week is one which inspires and motivates us all to do more to educate ourselves and others to make a difference. A truly inspirational story of one man’s determination to learn from the consequences of his actions". 

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