Including: Rivers, Inland Waterways and Limited Distances to Sea

We offer a block release programme to obtain the following:

  • National Boatmasters’ Licence (BML);
  • Maritime Studies Qualification (MSQ) pathway – Rivers, Inland Waterways and Limited Distances to Sea;
  • Maritime Occupations Apprenticeship. 

You may already have experience of working on the river and therefore may choose to complete your BML.  For those candidates who qualify for government subsidies you may want to consider completing the MSQ pathway or even an apprenticeship route with the support of your employer.  Funding to help support your training costs will depend on individual circumstances so please contact us to see what may be available to you.

Following initial safety training candidates will return to the college for a series of four ‘two week’ study phases spread over two years covering all subject areas including seamanship, construction, stability, basic engineering, communication, navigation, chartwork, tides, meteorology and health and safety.  The course will cover the syllabus and prepare you for the MCA exams leading to the issue of the Boatmasters’ Licence Tier 1 Level 2 and for those who choose the route, the completion of the Maritime

Studies Qualification awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).      

During the programme students will also have the opportunity to undertake the STCW short courses which will underpin the requirements of the BML and MSQ.  Between the college phases candidates will be completing their Training Record Books and gaining experience acquiring the required 240 days on board vessels.